HDD in Dev Man but not in My Computer

  DJ-Garry 18:58 21 Sep 2007

Hi guys.

Right, old (7yrs) pc, Gigabyte board, 1.2Ghz Athlon XP CPU and a 20Gb C: drive. Been using a 120Gb HDD for data, fill up so got 250Gb Maxtor. Plugged it in, set the bios for atuo detect, only came up as 137Gb. (thought it might as ol board, is there any way round this????).

Anyway, main point. PC boots up into XP Pro. Device manager can see the new Maxtor drive is there but My Computer only shows the 20Gb C: drive.

Help on both points please.

Cheers, Garry

  skidzy 19:04 21 Sep 2007

Have you run the Maxtor software for the drive ?
You need to run this and enable large drive support.

Or simply partition the drive.

  DJ-Garry 19:05 21 Sep 2007

OEM drive. I'll check the website now. ta

  jimv7 19:07 21 Sep 2007

2 points,

1, Format the drive from within administrative tools, disk management, before windows will see it.

2, Installing service pack 2 gives you support for larger than 137gb hard drives.

  skidzy 19:20 21 Sep 2007

Sp2 is not guaranteed to show the whole drive,though it should as jimv7 says.Been digging around a bit and come across this thread click here

Ive had this problem myself in the past,and the only solution i could find that was successful,was a bios update....though i would not recommend this unless all else fails.

Beware of updating the bios !!!
You could possibly render the motherboard useless,or cost you a small fortune to have it repaired with a new bios chip.

  jimv7 19:27 21 Sep 2007

Sorry, misread your information.

skidzy is right, if the full capacity of the drive is not showing in the bios, an update is on the cards.

  DJ-Garry 20:46 21 Sep 2007

If i put the drive in a newer pc, partition it first and then format it, do you think it will show as full size when put back in the older machine?
I seem to remember getting away with something like that before. Might not have been with such a large drive as this tho.

  dan* 20:56 21 Sep 2007

is this the 7ixe4 motherboard?

have you reset the parimiters in the hard drive detection in the bios with a Y.

have you checked that it has not got a 137Gb limitation jumper in place

when you are in disk management, is there any un-allocated space to the right of the drive?

has the machine got XP SP2

PS have replied to your email.

  DJ-Garry 09:50 22 Sep 2007

Disk mangement has seen it as 250GB. partitioned & formatted 40Gb. It's just doing the other 200Gb now. I have got SP2. It's only the bios that can't see the whole 250Gb but if Windows can when it's finished formatting, all well and good !!!!!!!!

As jimv7 mentioned, don't really want to risk a bios update on such an old board.

Hope that's it then. Will post again to let you how how it turned out.

Cheers, Garry

  DJ-Garry 09:57 22 Sep 2007

Yes it is this Gigabyte board of my parents again!!!

Did reset peramiters in bios. Ran auto detect, that's when it cam up with 137Gb.
Looked thru pdf file of manual, no jumper. It only mentions setting LBA for drives bigger than 528Mb.
Disk mangement saw it a whole 250Gb, the rest as in previous post.

Didn't get your email. Have you got my full email address rather then using yellow envelope? Some of the ones you sent b4 took almost 24 hours to come thru and they might of been ones you sent direct.

Cheers, Garry

  DJ-Garry 10:07 22 Sep 2007

Just noticed, Disc management is formatting the two partitions as:

Layout: Simple
Type: Dynamic
File System: NTFS

The old system 20Gb drive is:

Layout: Partition
Type: Basic
File System: FAT 32

I know the NTFS is ok, are the other two parameters ok too?

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