HDD Cloning

  Graphicool1 12:08 01 Apr 2011

I have EASEUS Todo Backup Home, it's the Free version. In the blurb it says you can clone your entire HDD to another. So I made two bootable copies each on NEW drives. However, one of the drives went belly up when I was trying to update some drivers. That leaves me with one, but no spare. The drivers still need updating, but I am now reluctant to do it, without the security of a back up.

I tried to clone the good copy over the bad, with EASEUS. But when it gets to...

"The data on the destination location will be lost. Are you sure you want to continue?" When I Press OK...It now says...

"To enjoy this feature, please upgrade to EASEUS Todo Backup Workstation at (and it gives a web address)"

Where you can get the Workstation upgrade. But of course it isn't free.

When I initially downloaded 'EASEUS Todo Backup Home' I saw no mention of limited access/use of some items? Having been back to their website since, I still can't!?

Anyone know any good, easy to use, HDD cloning freeware?

  howard64 12:28 01 Apr 2011

have you tried deleting the bad image then going through the procedure again? I have bought Acronis and find that great.

  Graphicool1 12:37 01 Apr 2011

Thanx for responding, the deleting thing did cross my mind. But, as it get to...

"The data on the destination location will be lost. Are you sure you want to continue?"

Then it would seem that if this is part of the softwares programmed pre-amble then it normally wouldn't or shouldn't make any difference as to wether or not the disk was empty?

However, as like you I also thought of trying the cleaning route. Can you tell me whether it would be better to wipe the disk or format it? If the latter what is the difference between Format & Quick Format, other than possibly speed?

  Graphicool1 12:41 01 Apr 2011

Regarding the 'bought' word, I can hardly bring myself to write it let alone do it. I'm a freeware junkie, why buy it if you can get it for free?

  robin_x 12:55 01 Apr 2011

Quick format should be OK.

Do you have EASEUS v2.0? Personally I hate it.
But I love v1.1. Much more user friendly and although I only use it for images, I know it works for a new drive clone from others.

click here

Other "Image" programs, such as Macrium Reflect or Paragon Backup and Recovery or EASSEUS Todo can make clone images. (select sector by sector option and include MBR if asked).
A bit more of a faff that way.

  robin_x 12:57 01 Apr 2011

You'll need something like Partition Wizard after a clone is successful to resize partitions to new drive.
click here

  robin_x 13:01 01 Apr 2011

Sorry wrong link for EASEUS 1.1 earlier
click here

  Graphicool1 13:15 01 Apr 2011

I noticed the 'Sector by Sector' section, but couldn't see the point? Other than if it's like DAP and you have to stop copying you can start up again from where you left off? Also why would I need an MBR?

Further to the above, it did it fine last time without those things. Wouldn't giving it more to do lengthen the clone?

The version I have is 2 and I find it megga simple, with only 5 clicks.

  robin_x 13:36 01 Apr 2011

Glad it worked anyway on 2nd attempt.

I just suggested v1.1 in case v2 had added the Workstation thingy.

Sector by sector copies used and unused sectors.
Nothing to do with stopping and starting. Don't stop operations like this once started. Risk of corruption.

MBR is Master Boot Record, not in the partitions, at start of a drive.

It is necessary, to tell the PC to jump to the OS partition (eg Windows) and start that.
Without it or corrupted, you get a boot error.

Cloning copies it automatically. Image programs, may require you to select it manually.

Sector by Sector will take longer. Unused sectors may not be empty. Can be useful if you want to recover deleted data later. Or it is sometimes recommended when error messages are displayed.

  Graphicool1 14:07 01 Apr 2011

Thanx for the extra info, however, I'm cloning or will be if I can get it to do it again. A clone cpies everything from one HDD to the other. But this bit that you mentioned...

"It is necessary, to tell the PC to jump to the OS partition (eg Windows) and start that.
Without it or corrupted, you get a boot error."

That is exactly what happened with the other clone drive. I assumed it was because of the updated drivers. But this is not a little disconcerting, as the drive I'm using at the moment is also an EASEUS clone? Having said that though, none of my drives are partitioned.

  Graphicool1 14:10 01 Apr 2011

How quick is a Quick Format, I have 52GB of used space on a 250GB drive?

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