HDD Capacity Shrunk

  sil_ver 22:38 27 Sep 2010

Something I've not come across before: I bought 2 SSDs, a 30gb and a 64gb and both were reported as such when first installed. After a bit of messing about I decided to reformat both drives and installed win7 home prem on the 64gb. Now my PC reports that the 64gb drive is now 59.5gb and the 30gb is now 27.9gb and stangely the 64gb drive has a partition on it of 100mb which I think is something to do with Windows 7 and the partition seems impossible to get rid of. Maybe Windows is just mis-reporting the sizes but it's an annoyance especially as the drives are not that big anyway so can't afford to write off the wasted space.

  gartoy 22:45 27 Sep 2010

Is the smaller disc space available not simply the result of formatting your drives?

I put 2 spare 80gb SATA drives on my windows 7 system & after formatting (NTFS) there is 74.5gb available on each.

  Nontek 22:57 27 Sep 2010

Windows 7 does indeed require about 15Gb hard drive space to install, then after install it removes temporary files leaving the OS using about 5Gb. So your Larger drive is reading correctly. I am not sure what the 100Mb partition is, but no doubt just part of Win7.

  sil_ver 23:34 27 Sep 2010

Maybe I'm not making myself clear. I'm not talking about free space, I meant the total size of the drives> The 30gb drive has only been formatted, that's all but seems to have lost about 2gb of the total capacity.

  gartoy 00:16 28 Sep 2010

I'm reading you loud and clear silver, if you take a brand new 30gb drive & format it you will lose some of the capacity, it will not have 30gb capacity once a file addressing system has been written on it during the formatting process (NTFS in your case).

28 gb sounds about right

  gartoy 00:25 28 Sep 2010

Regarding the 100mb partition I would use fdisk or similar to delete all partitions & logical drives, then create a fresh partition using all of the drive.

Once back in windows 7 if the extra 100mb comes back up I would suspect it might be something extra W7 has installed to do with these new fangled solid state drives & just leave it as it is.

Someone more knowledgable should be along to explain what it's for...

  Nontek 09:16 28 Sep 2010

I was talking about the full size of the hard drive, understood you perfectly - because what you are experiencing is quite normal!

  hastelloy 09:29 28 Sep 2010

This is down to the different ways of measuring the space. For convenience, manufacturers use 1000 as the multiple for KB to MB, MB to GB etc. whereas Windows uses 1024 (this is correct). If you multiply 64 by 1000 and divide by 1024 three times you get 74.6 - 30 gives you 27.9. Nothing is lost - just calculated differently.

  sil_ver 11:03 28 Sep 2010

This is what I suspected.

Everyone else, sorry, seems it's me that misunderstood your posts. I would still be surprised if windows took up at least 2gb just to format etc. a 30gb drive. I think marvin42's explanation is correct regarding the 'lost' capacity. I'll leave the 100mb 'system partition' alone as it's small enough to ignore. It will be interesting to discover what it's actually used for.

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