HDD advice. 1 x click on Boot & Restart.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:11 29 Mar 2003

Western Digital 20GB HDD not too old but seems to be playing up. Problem started with system Win98Se hanging at random for about 20 secs then carrying on normal.

HDD seems very warm and on a Boot-up, shutdown or restart there is a click only one click. Is this a sign the thing called a Spindle arm is damaged or failing ?.

I ran a Scandisk started at 9am this morning and for 20GB it didn't finish till about 17.30 tonight. Defrag also took about 3 hours.

No errors were reported but does my above findings regarding the click noise & freezing in windows point towards a dodgy HDD ?.

Work is backup up.

  Lone Crow 23:10 29 Mar 2003

Hard drives often do run pretty warm, even hot, so that's not necessarily any indication of a fault. The click may well be an indication of wear but not necessarily responsible for the long scandisk/defragging operations. Did you deactivate your screensaver and close all other running programs before you did those ops? Anything that calls for hard drive activity will often make such checks restart endlessly and slow up the checking process immensely. All day for 20gig does seem extreme! I am wondering if your PC is running slowly for some reason and it shows up in the ways you've indicated. When you boot up and the BIOS does its memory check, does it report any errors? Do programs open or close more slowly than they used to? Have you done a virus scan? Try to verify that your PC is not working very hard behind the scenes and struggling for resources before spending money on replacing your hard drive. Could you take it out and install it in another PC to see if the same still happens? That would at least show if it's the PC or the drive that's the problem. LC.

  DieSse 00:59 30 Mar 2003

There's no such thing as a spindle arm, so I don't suppose it's damaged or failing.

Scandisk should not take so long to run - and this is a pointer to hard disk problems. The best plan isa to try a proper disk diagnostic test program. You can download Seagate Disk tools . which can run some tets on your drive. Also try here click here for WD diagnostic programs

  Giggle n' Bits 02:16 30 Mar 2003

stop all background things apart from Explorer & Systray running when I did the scandisk. Norton 2003 tested ok with no bugs.

Memory test ok. Boot up seems to hang at splash screen and shut down seems to hang. There is a lot of stuff on the system and drags the systme resources down to 78% at times with running 128MB sdram with a Duron 800Mz.

Thanks for the info Lone Crow, some good feedback and also M8 DieSse, usefull link as its a western digital drive. Noticed it has a 80pin Ribbon cable. Board is ATA66/100 wonder if its a SCSI Drive under wraps.

DieSse, I was a bit lost with which utilty software to use, will have to go thorough it later Sunday.

Got to get the hour back in sleep.

Change ya clocks all !

  Lone Crow 22:17 30 Mar 2003

If startup and shutdown are hanging it suggests some hidden problem to me. A drop in resources to 78% is nothing at all to worry about and doesn't explain the slow utilities. I am still chary of blaming all your probs on the hard drive and reckon trying it in another PC would be the definitive test! If it's okay, work on the assumption your system is struggling for some other reason. Cheers. LC.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:03 31 Mar 2003

I remmember there was probs wtih this board years ago when the KT133 chipset was released but carn't find any info on it.

HDD is a ATA100 but M/board is ATA33/66 using a 80pin ribbon to change/force the data transfer to 100ATA.

Audio is onboard chip AC97 and very stuttery with breaks. Tried latest AC97 Audio drivers with no change. Quiet music passages reveal a poping/crackle thud which again I think is data flow problem. Audio CD or Wave same.

Formatted HDD no change.

AGP is TNT2 Nvidia 64 32MB
800MHz Duron

I think a rebuild in a newer motherboard is the answer.

  Lone Crow 21:01 31 Mar 2003

Ouch - painful! Let us know how you get on, please, and good luck! LC.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:40 01 Apr 2003

Will build new systme on Asus A7S333 board as i have lost faith in VIA.

Thanks Lone Crow.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:40 01 Apr 2003

Will build new systme on Asus A7S333 board as i have lost faith in VIA.

Thanks Lone Crow.

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