HDD - 98SE Recognised, but won't display HDD

  Ironman556 11:20 01 Feb 2003

HI, I've just reformatted my PC and put 98SE back on. I have kept my 20gig drive as primary masterand installed windows to it. My problem is that my new 60gig Seagate (Primary Slave) is listed as "Generic Disk Type 46", as is my older hdd in "System Properties", but the drive has no letter in "My Computer", so I can't access it.

Before I formatted I copied around 10 - 15 gigs of all the useful utilities, drivers I've downloaded, and more improtantly work, to the 60 gig drive.

I've got the Seagate disk wizard 2003, which I used to install the driver about a month ago, but don't want it to take over the installation of the drive and wipe it.

Is there any way that I can make Windows access the drive, or at least any program I can use to copy the data from the 60gig drive to the other? Does anyone know if I can use the Disk Wizard to just install the drive without doing anything to it?

The BIOS recognises the drive, but I had to set the jumper to limit the size to 32 gig else it would crash trying to detect it, my old setup would then see the full 60 gigs once I'd booted into Windows. I've tried searching the forum but havn't found this specific problem, any advice would be helpful.


System: Win 98SE, Gigabyte 6BXE Mainboard, SBLive! Value (I think, the installation disc says 1024, but I think we were given the wrong disc), Albatron GF4 Ti 4200 (currently installed as generic diplay), CD-RW, DVD ROM, Fireball 20GB HD, Seagate 60GB HD (somewhere).

  Ironman556 12:45 01 Feb 2003

I've found that Fdisk on the 98 boot disk won't detect the drive, but I assume that's because it's larger than the max that version will work with.

The drive info in system properties says te driver is installed and the drive is working properly, but no drive letter has been allocated, is there a way I can allocate a drive letter to the drive through windows?


  Ironman556 20:08 03 Feb 2003

I continued this problem on a new thread, the solution for anyone who may need it is below.

Thanks to everyone who's helped me. I got the reply from Seagate today:

"You mentioned that Disc Wizard and/or Disk Manager was used on your system. Depending on the system or ATA (IDE) host bus adapter's capabilities, Disk Manager may load a Dynamic Drive Overlay (DDO) on the hard drive. During startup, the DDO displays an blue banner approximately one inch tall.

When the hard drive boots up, the DDO is loaded into memory, and this enables the hard drive to become available to the operating system. If the
system is booted with a diskette in drive A:, the DDO does not load and the hard drive will not be accessible. An easy way to tell the DDO did not
load is that the blue banner is not displayed. FDISK will see the first partition as a Non-DOS partition. This is normal when using the DDO.

If you are trying to get to the data on the drive, you will need to update or re-create the DDO. Use Disk Manager, which is part of the Disc Wizard utility available on the Seagate web site.

Start Disk Manager from a diskette and do the following:

1. Choose Advanced Options.

2. Choose Maintenance Options.

3. Choose Master Boot Code Options

4. Choose Restore MBR

5. Choose Write MBR

6. Choose the Dynamic Drive Overlay Option.

7. Choose to Update the Dynamic Drive Overlay.

When the above steps are completed, exit Disk Manager, remove the diskette from the drive, and reboot the system. The system should boot to drive C: and all of your data should still be intact."

The instructions varied slightly, I had to use DiscWizard Starter Edition, enter the maintainance, and then the master boot code options, then just hit restore (could have been update), "done" message, rebooted and found my drive avaliable with all the data intact :-D

Thanks again to everyone at PCA, and to anyone from Seagate who may read this. I was very impressed with the level of customer service and would reccomend tham to anyone.


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