HDD: 200GB showing as 127GB

  t.long 21:45 13 Mar 2005

I have just put in two new HDD drives [SATA] the first a Western Digital Raptor shows up 69.2GB which seems about right for a 74GB drive. However the 2nd, a Western Digital Cavier 200GB only shows as 127GB formatted with NTFS [I think thats it]. Have I been supplied with the wrong drive, or is there somthin I need to do to show more than 127GB?

  great1 22:11 13 Mar 2005

click here

try this link it might cast some light on your problem

  THE TERMINATOR 00:22 14 Mar 2005

If your o/s is win XP then you could try formatting it with NTFS (even though you say)and this should correct you prob....TT

  Completealias 01:33 14 Mar 2005

Take it your on xp I think thats the limit of capcity that xp supports if you upgrade to sp2 then you can go past that amount. Alternativly u could partion the drive into 2 100gig partions or suchlike.

Others may know better thou

  t.long 18:46 17 Mar 2005

Using Windows I have been able to partician the unused space and format it, however it shows up as two disks now, I just want a singel 200GB drive, is there any way to accomplish this?

  bremner 19:00 17 Mar 2005

You MUST have SP1 or later for XP to recognise drives larger than 127GB.

As Completealias has said upgrading to SP2 will enable you to see the full drive.

  t.long 19:04 17 Mar 2005

I do have SP 2. But I can not format the disk as one from Windows, should of made that clear. My Windows disk is very old [circa 2002] so does not have SP1 on it. When I installed Windows it insisted on formatting both disks.

Unless someone can think of somthing better I am just going to unconect the second disk, reinstall Windows + SP2, then conect the disk and format in Windows.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:39 17 Mar 2005

start - run type in regedit press enter

parameters there add a new key "EnableBigLba" and add "value 1" (excludig the qotes("))

now restart and indows wll see the true size

  t.long 23:11 17 Mar 2005

Its not about Windows seeing the true size, with SP2 it does. I want some way of formatting it as one drive. For some reason Windows put a file on the 2nd HDD during set up and would not boot without it, it was called NTLDR. Not sure why Windows found this necessary, seems quite stupid to me.

  t.long 20:10 18 Mar 2005


  bremner 11:44 19 Mar 2005

NTLDR is the NT boot loader.

This would only appear on a second drive if you tried to load Windows onto it.

I suggest that in Disk Manager you remove the partition on the 200GB drive. Then re partition it and format as NTFS. This will remove any previous mistakes and present you with a clean drive of around 195GB.

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