HD visible in bios, but not XP

  johnno69 04:33 18 Dec 2006

I have 2 hard drives mounted in removable disc caddies. One is for my OS (XP) and one is for data (lots of video). Sometimes I need to swap these drives for others, and one day I accidentally took out my OS HD and replaced it with another video data HD (with no OS on it). Of course nothing booted, I switched the drives around to the correct config and after a few false starts of windows claiming that the NTLDR (or something - I can't remember now) was missing, everything was back to normal.

Until a couple of days ago.

I replaced the data drive with the one that was originally in the PC at the start of this story. The bios recognised this drive no worries, however I could not see this drive in explorer. XPs computer management tool claims that this drive is dynamic, and offline. Partition Magic8 can also see that this drive is dynamic and present (nothing about whether it is 'offline' or not).

I have a tool called EasyRecovery Pro which can see every single file on that HD and in the correct directory tree. I could use this tool to recover every single file to another harddrive, and then reformat the orginal and copy back, however I don't have another HD with enough space (200gb HD, with 175gb taken in data).

I figure that if EasyRecovery Pro can see (and recover the files without corruption) then the hard drive is fine and can be accessed. So perhaps there is some minor thing that needs reconfiguring?? At this point, I throw the mic over to you guys for help....



  AndySD 05:03 18 Dec 2006

In Windows Disk Management can you right click on the drive and enable or import it?

  johnno69 05:15 18 Dec 2006

There is the option to "reactivate disk", however when I select it, I get this response: "The operation did not complete. Check the system event log for more information on the error".

When I check the system event log I see these messages:

Disk group JohnDg0: Errors in some configuration copies:
Disk Harddisk1, copy 1: Block 0: Invalid magic number in the configuration copy

and, INTERNAL Error - The disk group contains no valid configuration copies (C10000B6).

Does this shed any more light?

  AndySD 05:40 18 Dec 2006

Ok So Microsoft says a reboot should solve this....d'oh!

I will keep looking

  AndySD 05:46 18 Dec 2006

click here found this and will look through it as I have time, I am at work at present

  AndySD 05:57 18 Dec 2006

Ok so it looks loke the magic numbers is the problem click here and go down to etones forth post. Its a little confusing at the moment as I have been awake 20 hours and am off to bed soon so hopefully if you get stuck someone else can help out.

  johnno69 06:16 18 Dec 2006

thank you so much. I will look into it and report back. In the meantime, enjoy your sleep!


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