hd video playback not smooth

  shepshed 02:54 10 Feb 2013

I am having issues playing HD video.payback is often jerky and not smooth whether i stream from the site(bbc iplayer) or download first the problem is still the same.(sound no probs) Please help. system: intel duel core 2x 2.6, 8 GB RAM Win 7 professional amd radeon hd 5450 vid card. 30MB broadband. Where ever i look is says that i have a high enough spec. Have I not got the PC set up properly? Many thanks

  mole1944 07:17 10 Feb 2013

we all have that problem especially from youtube tiz called buffering,try lowering the quality to see if that helps,who is your service provider,your pc spec sounds fine.

  shepshed 02:04 11 Feb 2013

Cheers mole. no, its not buffering. Got over 30MB virginmedia broadband (tested on several speed test sites).not wireless. Thats the weird thing, my PC spec should be enough for smooth playback but for some reason it dont want to. Tried downloading first then watching but its the same problem. Wasn't sure if I've maybe checked a 'checkbox' I shouldn't have or not opted for something I should have. Its not only HD. SD is the same. :)

  difarn 08:04 11 Feb 2013

Do you have hardware acceleration enabled in flash player? To find out right click when a video is playing without making it full screen, click on settings and there will be a box. If it is enabled try unchecking it, if not enable it.

I assume that you have Adobe Air installed as you say that you have tried downloading before watching. I have read that there have been glitches with Air following recent updates. You could disable it, or uninstall it and see if that improves. I stream iPlayer regularly and use HD whenever it is available - there are times, usually at the beginning, when I get the "juddering" that you mention - from time to time it is also out of sync. I do not have Air installed.

Is your Flash Player up to date and the driver of your display adapter?

There seems to be quite a lot of debate about this going on.

  shepshed 01:24 12 Feb 2013

TY 4 your reply difarn. Yes hardware acceleration is enabled. tried unchecking and didn't notice any difference. Have AIR installed. comes as part of the BBC iplayer desktop. Had trouble downloading the desktop at first. Chrome has an Adobe plugin that needed disabling to allow the desk top to install. Used the BBC desktop to download their content and play from my PC and the juddering hasn't stopped. Flash Player is up to date. Video card drivers and software are up to date. Just tried to stream a film on BBC one through their desktop. turned everything off including firewall and still can't quite do it. But saying that we can have email, facebook other bits and pieces running and the quality of the stream is still the same. just seems weird. Its like I'm sure its fixable but yeah, so close yet so far away. :)

  difarn 07:30 12 Feb 2013

If you don't want to actually download the programmes you can watch them as streamed have you considered uninstalling the desktop and adobe air to see if there is any difference?

  shepshed 11:18 12 Feb 2013

Thats where i noticed the problem, streaming live. Started downloading to see if the problem got better. :)

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