HD video chat over home based network environment

  Brenthsu 09:20 03 Mar 2009

Few days ago, I got some testing samples from my vendor named facevsion who has solutions to let people have HD video chat. What I got are a HD webcam and a express card used for real-time HD decoding and encoding. When I test the samples, it works excellent under clean network. But when I use it under my home adsl, I see lags and mosaic. In my opinion, HD becomes useless if it can’t be realized in standard broadband network, which should be lower than 2Mb (or even at 1Mb level). How do you think about it? Is it possible that the encoding technology can be improved to fit the standard bandwidth?

  Tech Guy 13:13 03 Mar 2009

HD video over IP does use more bandwidth than say VOIP or ordinary video over IP, but is not realy a bandwidth issue with "lags and mosaic" it is down to "QOS" Quality of Service". As video over IP uses UDP to transport the pic and sound over the internet, it has to have some sort of "QOS" to ensure the video and sound packets get priority over everything else.

This works fine on a corperate network, as routers are setup with special Vlans and has QOS in place to make sure the UDP packets get from the one side to the other in the same order and with minium/no delay.

However on the internet there are no such services on place at the moment esp for HD video over IP as ordinary video over IP still gets lags with sound and vision mismatch.

This will improve as BT rolls over thier new 21CN network

I am currently studying VOIP and video over IP (the cisco CCVP) - fantasic subject and it is the future.

  Brenthsu 00:28 04 Mar 2009

Do you mean it is almost not possible to have HD video chat under home network environment? Can we have the same network quality as you said "Qos"?

  Tech Guy 15:02 04 Mar 2009

You will almost always have probs with HD video with the current "home" broadband. Would work if you had a business link, at lot more money though.

Quality of service at the moment is not available for home broadband. It is going to part of the new BT 21CN, a few years off though.

You could mess with the settings and get the best out of it, but it will never be perfect like the demos.

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