HD Temp

  mike1967 23:42 08 Oct 2005

Whats the normal temp for HD mine showing 51/124 at the moment seems quite high

  johnnyrocker 23:46 08 Oct 2005

i would say it was mine is currently after being in use for about 5 hours 41/33 i suspect you have an upcoming serious issue but not able to advise further.


  Chegs ® 02:50 09 Oct 2005

I have 3 HD's(2xSATA 1 IDE)The SATA HD's have always been to hot to touch(until I fitted a fan cooling them)before then they were showing as 47C.My system is on 24/7 and I use Dtemp to monitor their temps.Presently they are showing 37C/37C on SATA's,33C on IDE.I would check out the possibility of fitting a fan to cool your HD,as thats a bit high.Running the HD(s) at a high temp will shorten their life span,and could lead to noise from their bearings prematurely.

  mike1967 12:35 09 Oct 2005

The strange thing is it seems to go up when its idle after finishing a game GTA San Andreas it was showing 41 then when idle it had gone up to 50 again
Any ideas

  mike1967 17:47 09 Oct 2005


  mike1967 08:23 10 Oct 2005

Anyone help

  Indigo 1 08:53 10 Oct 2005

Are you sure it is the HDD temp and not the Graphics card ?

It sounds more like the GFX card to me.

  mike1967 09:20 10 Oct 2005

No its the HD

  mike1967 12:21 10 Oct 2005


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:44 10 Oct 2005

Will depend on type of motherboard / CPU / ambient temp / amount of fans and how much work the PC is doing.

Some machines speed up the on board fans as the PC works harder and so more air flow acrss the board and drives. Therefore cooler when working

Mine P4 using Everest to monitor is showing CPU 57 motherboard 50 and 45 on the harddrives although I'm hardly using the machine.

  mike1967 13:41 10 Oct 2005

Its a Dell seems that there HDD do run hot but my Medion HDD only showing around 33, so was a bit concerned as it was running at 50, might get some fans to install on the HDD

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