H.D. still running after everything has loaded?

  Cymro. 11:25 17 Aug 2009

My computers is rather underpowered at the best of times with only 248MB of RAM so it has never and probably never will be very fast at loading.

I do all the regular things advised on the forum such as using CCleaner defraging etc. etc. I have also scanned for viruses and spy-ware. So my computer loads well enough with everything up and running within a couple of minutes or so.

The strange thing however is that the HD still runs on ofter everything else seems to have loaded up. This makes it difficult to get in to IE or FF. Once in everything works very well.

It is as if the HD is looking for something else to load up at start up. The HD spins on with the indicator light on. This will go on for as much as 15 minutes.

OK so this is only a problem once a day when I first switch on the laptop and I can live with it if I have too. I usually just go off and make myself a cup of tea before using the computer.

But it seems a strange sort of problem and my laptop would be a better machine without it. So any ideas would be appreciated.

  Batch 12:43 17 Aug 2009

Do you have anti-virus or anti-spyware programs loaded? It may be that these are doing some "work" after boot-up.

If you get Task Manager up (CTL+ALT+DEL) and click on the Processes tab, and then click on the CPU colum to sort the processes by CPU use, you should get an idea as to what is running.

BTW, what operating system are you using (and how old is the PC?)

  Les28 12:48 17 Aug 2009

Does anything show in Task Managers Processes tab as using a lot of CPU% when this is happening, item 3 here.

click here

Will your motherboard only support 248 MB of RAM, is that a 256MB chip with 8 MB for onboard shared graphics? Think I'd be inclined if possible to increase the ram memory.

PC's do chug away after first loading for a while, that's normal and I tend to leave my pc to settle down for a few minutes before I work on it if I've got time, that's a 3Ghz P4 with 1 GB ram, think I'd update the ram if I was you and see how it goes then.

  Cymro. 13:31 17 Aug 2009

"Do you have anti-virus or anti-spyware programs loaded? It may be that these are doing some "work" after boot-up".
I have even tried disabling all such things and then switching the computer off but still the problem persists when I next switch on.
"what operating system are you using (and how old is the PC?)"
I am using WindowsXP Home with all updates+service pack 3. The PC is four years old.

"Think I'd be inclined if possible to increase the ram memory".
It`s a laptop and I don`t fancy the job as I am not confident enough to take it on. The PC is of little value and so possibly not worth the expense of spending money on it. May upgrade eventually.

  cream. 13:38 17 Aug 2009

click here

Run it and then use the track start up monitor to see what is taking so long in loading.

  Batch 17:33 17 Aug 2009

The problem you'll have with such a small amount of memory is that it is nowhere near enough and so the system will have to spend a lot of time swapping (aka paging) things out to disk (to the page file) just so that necessary things can run.

You'll need at least 512MB. If you've only got 256MB installed, chances are that it is a single memory card and so you should have a spare memory slot that is acessible from a cover on the under side. Adding another 256MB (or even 512MB if the system will allow) may just be a case of taking the cover off and slotting in a memory card (you need to be careful with the angle you slide it in at and use the clips). And make sure you have discharged yourself immediately beforehandling anything so as to avoid static electricity causing probs.

See click here

  cream. 18:27 17 Aug 2009

This ancient relic runs a 1Gb cpu with 126Mb of ram. 2Mb reserved for graphics :-) on XP with SP3.

It runs Avira AV, photoshop, office and broadband. It's not that slow.

It loads to desktop in under 90 seconds and I get no hard drive activity after that.

So unless you are running alot of programs at start up, you should be seeing no hard drive activity.

Have you ran a trace on next boot with driver delays yet?

  Cymro. 18:32 17 Aug 2009

I have downloaded Bootvis and will study the help file tomorrow and let you know how I get on.
The link you gave seems to go to the Softpedia site and all they seem to do is try to sell me other software that I don`t want. I obtained Bootvis via Google.

  Cymro. 18:38 17 Aug 2009

with ease the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party

  Cymro. 18:40 17 Aug 2009

Very sorry for that clicked wrong button.
Must be time for me to get off this thing for tonight.

  brundle 18:41 17 Aug 2009

I concur with Batch, very surprised at your machine's performance Percy Vere - any 128MB XP system I've ever used has been painfully, teethgrindingly slow - physical memory is all gone by the time XP has loaded and the only way to make it appear that the system has more is to use the page file, which means loads of disk access.

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