HD space question

  MickinPlymouthUK 22:25 12 Aug 2006

I recently got a message out of the blue warning me my 20 Gig hard drive was over 85 per cent full, so I looked at the pie chart in Win Explorer and see its apparently true, there's only a small 15 per cent free slice left although I could have sworn I had a lot more than that free the last time I checked.
Question- how can I find out at-a-glance how much space each of my progs are taking up, so I can delete any dead wood?
Note the operative word is "at-a-glance" because at the moment the only cumbersome way I know how to do it is to click on each prog separately in Win Explorer and log its space usage, and even then it sometimes gives figures that I can't quite understand, what with files and sub-files etc..
I'm Win 98SE and PC illiterate..

  VoG II 22:29 12 Aug 2006
  sean-278262 22:30 12 Aug 2006

Add remove programs I think tells you but not sure if it does in 98SE. Do be sure that you have not downloaded videos or games off the web or that any children have not downloaded stuff. Check your Documents folder.

  sean-278262 22:31 12 Aug 2006

Also ignore VoGs comment. It is meant for another thread. ;)

  Coff 22:37 12 Aug 2006
  woodchip 22:37 12 Aug 2006

98se does not say how much like it does in XP

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:39 12 Aug 2006

1. reduce the amount of space used by system restore

2. In the windows folder look for files starting with $ these are restore points after hotfixes if your PC is running OK delete these files.

3. use Crap Cleaner click here to empty all temporay files and folders.

4. Uninstall all programs you never or rarely use.

  terryf 22:50 12 Aug 2006

Right click on your recycle bin and select properties, check what percent of your drive is allocated to the Recycle bin, If you regularly empty it you may not need it to be more than 5%, but IMO you should consider buying a 2nd HD and set it up as D drive, then store all your docs, pics, tunes, etc on folders ion the d drive and always 'save' to these folders. You will then find that your OS and Prog files take up about half your C drive. If you need help to fit a 2nd drive, try a google search for 'fitting a second hard drive' and you will find sites that explain in detail with pictures like click here but this is not the only one

  terryf 22:51 12 Aug 2006

PS 'ion the d drive' should be 'on the d drive'

  MickinPlymouthUK 23:04 12 Aug 2006

Okay doods, Coffs Treesize suggestion seems to have done the trick, thanks mate :)

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