HD problem

  zebbydog 08:55 12 Mar 2005

I have a 160 GB internal HD and yesterday could not accsess it desktop short cut didn't reconise it, it was still in my computer and device manager said it was ok.
When i tried to open it it said it had to be formated, i done that and it now seems ok but seems to run a little hot.
It is only 4 months old any idea what could cause this please, and do i need to send it back .

  zebbydog 10:48 12 Mar 2005


  vinnyT 11:54 12 Mar 2005

There are normally tools on the makers website to check if the drive is functioning correctly, ie. seatools for seagate drives.

I would suggest you go to the site and see if there are any to dload.

Of course, it may just be a blip, and may never happen again (lets hope).

  Storik 12:05 12 Mar 2005

--"and it now seems ok but seems to run a little hot."

When installing this drive, did you make sure that it has plenty of air space around it? If it's jammed up against the original drive - it may well overheat. If at all possible, try moving it and seeing that there is plenty of space around it, and that you front fans can blow cool air across it. Might help.


  SEASHANTY 12:18 12 Mar 2005

Hard drives do get hot - the fan(s) in your PC case provide cooling for this. To access the drive just right click MY COMPUTER and from the menu left click OPEN then you will see all your drives etc.
To open the C drive just right click on its icon and select OPEN.

  Storik 12:35 12 Mar 2005

Yes they do! But there's hot & HOT! I had a Fujitsu drive burn out on me just whilst it was still under warranty! There was nothing wrong with the way it had been installed either! Fujitsu didn't want to know.

Presumably zebbydog already has his case open and just thought I'd mention space for air cooling and of course there are hard disk coolers.


  zebbydog 18:00 12 Mar 2005

i downloaded powermax from site and done the check and it showed an error code, i now have to post it back for a replacement thanks all again

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