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  david4637 17:27 13 Feb 2003

I have a C:\ and D:\ partition on my HD. O/S W98SE,HD 6GB.
1. C:\ uses FAT 32, should D:\ use FAT 32?
2. Should the swop file be changed to D:\(data and swop). If so how?
3. I don't seem to be able to delete My Docs on the C:\, now I have created it on the D:\ ?
4. How large does C:\ need to be for Windows and applications only?
5. Are there any snags with this set up
Thanks for your help. David

  Lone Crow 17:58 13 Feb 2003

You ask a lot of questions, methinks! I can't answer them all but wonder if you created the partitions using PartitionMagic? If so, you can get all the answers from their program resource material, I would think, and it will be accurate and appropriate. If you partitioned manually, then answers as follows:-
1.No, the D partition could be FAT 16 if you want, but it may depend upon what you use it for.
2.Can't comment on the swop file location.
3.I don't think you can delete My Docs from C, but you can redirect the Desktop shortcut by right-clicking and selecting Properties, then amending the command line to point to the new location. It may offer to move all exisiting files from the old location to the new for you too!
4.I don't know the appropriate size for the C partition but it will vary anyway depending upon which OS you're using. The question suggests to me that you're going to instal progs and applications to D? Be aware, just a few programs will only run properly from the C drive.
5.You haven't given enough info to make comments on the snags ot otherwise of that arrangement. What OS; what working arrangements; for what purpose; etc?
Cheers. LC

  cream. 19:00 13 Feb 2003

Question 1. yes "D" should use FAT32.

2. Yes have your swap file on "D" and make min and max settings the same. To do this right click my computer, pick properties and then performance. Now pick the virtual memory tab at the bottom.

Now pick the option of let me pick the virtual memory.The grayed out bit will now show up. Make the settings at 2 1/2 times your ram. So if you have 128mb ram installed make your virtual mem at about 320mb.

You can then use the drop down box to show your other drive "D". Pick this and then o.k. It will then ask for a reboot.

3> don't know

4. If it was me I would have 2.5 gig "C" and 3.5 gig "D"

5. No. This is the general setting for improving your system. You will find that defragging will be a lot easier as the swap file is a FIXED SIZE on "D" so files will not be written to the allocated area.

Hope this helps.

  leo49 19:06 13 Feb 2003

3.Simple way is to use Tweakui/My Computer Tab to switch the location of 'special'folders.


  david4637 17:04 14 Feb 2003

Thank you all for your very helpful comments. I intend to use C:\ for Windows and applications (2.5GB), and D:\ as swop file and data (3.5GB). David

  MartinT-B 17:15 14 Feb 2003

That's a very small drive to partition!

I'd invest in a new one - you'd only need 20GB or so, and use that as C: and keep your old drive as a back-up/data store.

  Lone Crow 20:02 14 Feb 2003

Not a bad arrangement, david, but you might find you need to change the values around and make C the larger partition, depending on how much software you load. Generally speaking, data takes relatively little space (unless you have big video files to store or similar) whereas software takes up ever more space as time goes on! If you're using PartitionMagic or similar you change them at will, but if doing it manually I would go for a 4gig C-drive from the start, I think, unless your software needs are predictable and small. Good luck. LC

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