HD Move/Transfer

  Jai 09:07 21 Jan 2004

I have built a new computer with the following spec:- 80gb Maxtor; 256 SD; Win XP;
My old computer was - 6gb; 256 SD; Win ME.
My problem is that I want to transfer the old data
from the 6gb to the new 80gb so that the new HD
is the master & bootable, & the old one is usable (for a friend). I have checked old threads & got some tips but my main concern is the
switch form ME to XP pro, will this be a headache?

  temp003 09:49 21 Jan 2004

Have you installed XP on the new hdd/computer?

When you say "& the old one is usable (for a friend), do you mean you want to retain Windows ME on your new computer?

  Jai 13:07 21 Jan 2004


Answer to Q1 - Yes XP is on the new one

Answer to Q2 - Yes I would "like" to keep ME but will take an easier solution if there is one

  temp003 13:34 21 Jan 2004

You can just connect your old hdd to the new computer as slave, boot into XP as usual, which should be able to read the files on the old hard disk, and copy over to the new hard disk.

If you don't have any particular reason for keeping ME, just format the old hard disk, which can be used on any computer. After formatting, all data including Windows ME will be lost.

If the formatted old hard disk is to be used on an operating system which is 98 or ME, it should be formatted in FAT32 and NOT NTFS.

  stlucia 13:59 21 Jan 2004

It can be a pain upgrading to XP on an oldish machine because you may find that software and hardward are incompatible (or, at the very least, need upgrading) with XP.

But XP on a new machine should be no problem, and you can configure it to look similar to ME so that the switch from one to the other should be quite painless.

If you MUST keep ME operable on your new machine, as well as XP, it can be done so post here for advice.

  Jai 14:25 21 Jan 2004

Thanks Fellas
One more question - I presume when I'm copying
& pasting from the old HDD I mark everything apart
from the Windows dir. & drag it over to the new HDD. That way I'm not copying ME over onto XP.Is this correct?

  stlucia 14:43 21 Jan 2004

I personally would only drag across data files and folders that I KNOW I want. There's other folders in addition to the Windows folder, such as 'Program files', which can affect software that you might have already installed on your new HDD; and your're wasting your time dragging any program files over anyway because they probably won't run from their new location.

  Jai 08:42 22 Jan 2004

Thanks again will do. But what about the settings
for the internet connection etc. Will I have to
set up again using the CD & then drag favourites / organised files over?

  DieSse 08:52 22 Jan 2004

This is the way I do it -

Disconnect the IDE cable from your CD drives, and fit the old drive onto it. This way you do not need to change any jumpers on the old drive, or in the new system - it avoids one source of mistakes.

Make a folder on the new drive called olddrive - drag and drop EVERYTHING from the old drive into this new folder.

Don't do it all at once - do it folder by folder - then if there are any problems, you at least know which folder you have to mess with to make it copy correctly.

There are things in the windows folder you will need, and this way there wll be no interference between the old ME and your new XP.

And it also makes doubly sure that you don't "forget" anything, which ios easy to do if you just copy parts of it.

Don't be in any rush to delete the old drive data from your new setup - I've seen people do this - and then remember later on the thing they forgot about!!

  Jai 11:13 22 Jan 2004


Thanks DieSse - that sounds foolproof (even for me). Will try this & see how it runs. I will tick
the resolved box (I feel confident it will work!!)
If anyone has further tips - feel free.

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