HD light on all time..wont bootup...help please

  bof:) 21:03 31 Oct 2005

Hi all,

friend said noise from PC sounds like helicopter when boots up. Bought it to my house and at bootup all I could hear was normal pc bootup noises.

I fitted a ethernet card she'd bought with her & gave instructions on how to install the drivers.

I had a phonecall this evening saying now at bootup all she could get was 'No signal check cable' on the monitor and the HD light was stopping on all of the time. PC would not bootup.

I've checked all of the leads are inplace and took the ethernet card out but nothing has altered.

Previously to this, AVG was finding that it could not read the MBR during a scan. But PC was booting up.

Any thoughts on this would be gratefully appreciated.



  woodchip 21:05 31 Oct 2005

Master Boot Record Corrupt. What OS

  woodchip 21:08 31 Oct 2005

PS if it's Win98 you can got to Dos prompt at safe mode and type FDISK /MBR press enter. Or start with Start floppy and do it

  bof:) 22:51 31 Oct 2005

Hi woodchip, os is winME. How do I get into dos if PC not booting up?

I tried putting win98 bootdisk into floppy drive but cannot see anything on monitor apart from the 'no signal check cable' message.

My eldest son suggested that if I remove the power connections to both HD's the PC should at least bootup to the extent of getting a 'no HD found' message.

Tried this...nothing appears on screen apart from 'check cable message'

fan working, HD light not fickering, always on, no POST beeps at all.


  woodchip 23:44 31 Oct 2005

You can use a Win98se Boot disc from click here Tenth file from top. to create the boot disc you need a WinME or Win98 Computer It will not work if Created on a XP computer. Put floppy disc in Computer and double click on the File that you have downloaded it will create the boot disc. Start computer with boot disc at A:\> type

FDISK /MBR make sure you leave the space before /MBR

then reboot the comp without the disc

  woodchip 23:45 31 Oct 2005

If nothing on Screen It may be the PSU that as gone

  bof:) 11:35 02 Nov 2005

hi All, I managed to find a neighbour with winME to download bootdisk.

Informed friend of options..ie it could be MBR corupted it could be your PSU. She's decided to send it to a local PC shop that do fault finding so she knows exactly what she is dealing with.

I'll post what they find.

Many thanks for your help woodchip it's really apperciated.


  bof:) 12:06 11 Nov 2005

Hi all, fault was found to be the motherboard and the PSU had gone.

Theses have been replaced and the pc is now up and running.


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