HD Files Backup to DVD

  Tigger2 14:18 08 Feb 2007

Having just recovered from a minor heart attack when I thought my system had crashed taking several Gb of files, photos etc with it I have decided to try & stop this happening again by backing up my files regularly to a DVD disc.

My question concerns the best way to do it...anyone got any experience of XPs utility or can recommend a third party version that does the job??

All thoughts greatfully received

  Diodorus Siculus 14:30 08 Feb 2007

Easiest is with Nero and burn them as data files; that way they are available when you need them.

As a free option, click here

  Batch 16:30 08 Feb 2007

Some people have concerns about the reliability of optical media such as CDs and DVDs - particularly the latter and especially in re-writeabel form. I've never had any problems, but DVD-RAM discs are supposed to be far far more reliable, so if your DVD drive supports them you might like to consider these.

In which case you can disable the Windows recording on the drive, insert a DVD-RAM disk and format it. Then you can treat the DVD-RAM just like a hard disk, but slower. You'd need to buy DVD-RAM without cases or be prepared to break them out of the cases.

Alternatively, just get an external hard drive and plug it into your USB port.

  Tigger2 14:42 09 Feb 2007

Using a DVD Ram eh??? Now that IS interesting....My DVD recorder uses DVD RAM & it certainly is extremely flexible but I never even thought about putting RAM discs into my pooter...I assumed they were specific to Video recording.

An external HDD is also looking like an extremely good option......

  Diodorus Siculus 15:22 09 Feb 2007

"An external HDD is also looking like an extremely good option......"

It is, and it's my first port of call for backing up but every now and then I backup to a DVD - just in case, as they say.

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