HD doesn't always start. Continuing Saga

  wee eddie 15:17 19 Feb 2003

I had closed the previous thread, click here, however the problem remains.

This morning I got a message "Memory size changed". However the memory size is listed at 120 + 8 and which is unchanged, when I checked the System.

I have read that this means that one of the memory sticks is failing, but which one or should I replace both.

When I took them out I discovered that although both were 64's, one was PC100 and the other PC133. The PC has run happily for a couple of years. Does the order in which they are installed matter and if it does, which order?

Visited Crucial site. They have my Model listed. It is an IBM Aptiva 2170-27G. However there are about a dozen 2170's listed but not a "-27G"

Should I ring them.

How do I find if PC100 or PC133 is more suitable. There is no mention of the P rating of the memory in the IBM literature that came with the machine. Which should I just go for if I am replacing both my sticks with 128's.

  wee eddie 20:58 03 Mar 2003

Solution: probably the cold weather, but dont really know.

Put in 2 x 128 of P133 which is the most that the board can take, any way. No real speed gain!

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