Is this HD dead?

  Kitz E Kat 22:12 15 Jan 2004

Hi all, i am lookin at an Athalon based box, old!!!

I tidyied it up awhile ago for a neighbour, she was givin it to a friend for the nipper!!!

Last i say of it , it was OK , old but workin ,running 98se...

I aint doin much now!! My friend brought to me to have a look at it ...

It stops at Verifying DMI Pool Data.....

Tried a boot disk , nothin, don't get as far as booting to disk ...

I swapped the HD out put in an old one with NT4 , boots up perfect so the box is OK..

I put the *suspect* HD in another box nothin...

I put the *suspect* HD in a USB caddy , attached to my lapper , nothin, don't pick it up...

I slaved it on a XP box, nothin can't see it , see's it in the BIOS but not in windows?

Now this is the really weird bit!!!!!

At boot on the computer the drive is in, at boot there is a picture, of a "gold medal" you know like the olympics!! With "Quality, Design, Innovation" written on it???? This was NEVER there before, and the really weird bit, when i took out the HD and put in one of mine, the NT4 one, the picture still comes up????? What's that about???

Any ideas is the HD dead and where did that odd picture come from....

Thanks all

  DieSse 22:17 15 Jan 2004

This is a QDI motherboard. In the BIOS there is anoption to display or not display the logo - so the BIOS has been changed if the picture now displays.

To examine the drive properly, you should download the relevant diagnostic program from the hard drive manufacturers site - this will tell you whether it's working or not - it may simply have something like a corrupt boot sector. This may be curable with a "zero-fill" which rewrites the whole drive back to "factory" condition. This is only worth doing if the diagnostic can see the disk, and it passes the test - otherwise it's a write-off.

  DieSse 22:20 15 Jan 2004

Ah - I may have misunderstood slightly - if the QDI logo display moves around with the drive - then this suggests something has written this to the drive - it normally resides in the BIOS, but it's just a picture, and could be written to a drive I suppose. I can't see any clear reason for this - but for sure that's what the picture is - I use mainly QDI motherboards in systems I build.

  Kitz E Kat 22:22 15 Jan 2004

Cheers mate, i will check that out...

Now how did the BIOS setting change? Don't normally do that on their own , do they, need help...

If i find that the kids were muckin with it i will , well you know ....

Checkin in the BIOS all disk drives are set to auto , but the details of the drive are not there,its blank ......

  Kitz E Kat 22:30 15 Jan 2004

If you hold it in your hand while it's on you can "feel" a clunk, every couple of seconds????? You can hear it clunkin too!!!!

This is not good ???

  DieSse 22:48 15 Jan 2004

This is very much not good.

  Tog 07:28 16 Jan 2004

Your BIOS change could be down to a duff BIOS battery, the fact that the details haven't been stored from the last boot seems to confirm this. Doesn't explain the disk head seeks but worth bearing in mind.

  Kitz E Kat 08:21 16 Jan 2004

Cheers Tog i will "borrow" one from another box when i have a mo...

As for a utility to check the HD , that is proving a tad more difficult that at first thought!!

If it can't be *seen* as a slave on another box, or a drive in my USB caddy , and it wont boot past "verifying DMI data pool" , so it wont boot of a floppy, what's left???

To be honest there's nothin on the drive , IE , no data to be lost...

I can put in another old HD i have, and put 98 on that and give it back, it's for a childer who don't have a computer so anything is better than nothin!!!!

But , what if there was valuable data on it ? Aside from sending it to some company is there anything more i can do?

I have heard that *frezing * a HD can bring it back to life, anyone tried that? Cos when i am convinced that the HD is really dead, i will try that....for the fun of it!!!!!

Thanks for your help so far

  Kitz E Kat 08:36 16 Jan 2004

I just copped your second post, i gave the wrong impression , the picture don't move with the drive , it still comes up when another dirve is in the original computer, so of course your right , it's in the BIOS...

And i suspect that Tog is on the button with the CMOS battery being dead....


  Gaz 25 09:00 16 Jan 2004

If the drive cannot be seen, its blown.. Goosed mate.

  DieSse 14:08 16 Jan 2004

Yes, freezing can work - wrap it in newspaper then a plastic bag, to try and keep it dry.

I'm totally sure it's dead, so it's worth an experiment or two.

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