hd broke, how much for replacement hd+xp licence?

  buel 14:51 14 May 2009

hi, my brother's pc hd has given up the ghost+i am unable to extract any data from it or the 'Recover' partition so iv admitted defeat and want to buy a replacement hd and xp licence, can anyone please tell me roughly how much he should pay for a 250gb hd and xp licence? am i able to get a replacement licence from Microsoft being as the pc has the licence sticker on the side?
ps-it was a samsung hd, should i get another samsung?

  RobCharles1981 15:00 14 May 2009

Have you tried putting the Hard Disk in a Caddy Enclosure to grab any necessary data?

You shouldn't really need to buy a new xp license just reuse it it shouldn't really matter.

Why don't you just upgrade your hard disk?
click here


  birdface 15:39 14 May 2009

Just use the keycode on the side.If you don't have the XP disc borrow one.

  xania 15:46 14 May 2009

Sorry, RobTheOrganGuru, I'm afraid that, if the HDD in knackered, using it in a caddy will not help. When my wife lost her HDD, it cost her over £500 to get back the data.

I assume that the hard disk had the only version of Windows XP. You may be able to get hold of a copy from a friend and use this - but you must use the Product Key from the Certificate of Authenticity which is stick to the side of the PC, not the one from your borrowed media. You should find that this will then install correctly and verify correctly, but if not, use the provided telephone number to contact Microsoft and explain what has happened.

Once you have the new OS installed and verified, back it up onto a safe bootable media, so you can always have it avaialble if something goes wrong. You may use either a blank DVD, an external or second internal HDD or a large enough key but NOT a separte partition on the same HDD.

  buel 15:49 14 May 2009

hi bob, oh yes iv tried the hd with a usb cable as per my other thread about trying to rescue it but even though my own pc will 'see' it, it is unable to 'open' the hd! grrr! so all i need to do is buy a new hd and use anyone's xp cd and enter the code on the licence?

  birdface 15:51 14 May 2009

Only use mine if nothing else works

  Graham. 16:20 14 May 2009

I had to buy one from click here

You do get another license, but I never used it.

  DieSse 17:39 14 May 2009

As buteman says - borrow a CD from a friend, and use the number from your sticker.

Make yourself a CD copy using Autostreamer.

click here

Initially, just ignore the bit about adding in Service Packs - you can just make a straight copy.

  buel 14:18 17 May 2009

Grrrr..i dont know ANYONE who has an xp cd!!

  rdave13 14:29 17 May 2009

What version of XP? Home or Proffessional etc.?

  buel 14:45 17 May 2009

Xp home would do me fine!!

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