HD to Blu-Ray

  Tizzle 11:49 09 Mar 2010


Have a JVC HD Camcorder, with a load of video on the drive.
I want to download it to the PC, do some basic editing, and then burn to Blu-Ray in HD format, to play on a stand-alone Blu-Ray player through teh TV. The JVC software downloads the files, but in their own format, which I don't think is a standard format. I've tried IMGBurn, but to no effect. Any help greatly appreciated.


  MAT ALAN 12:00 09 Mar 2010

Would help to know the file format first...

  pompyx 12:10 09 Mar 2010

This may help Tizzle.

click here

  pompyx 12:16 09 Mar 2010

Sorry, I should have said read the responses.

  MAT ALAN 13:31 09 Mar 2010

Could be on the right track pompyx, Tizzle's gonna need some patience with this task, nothing simple these days...

  Tizzle 23:08 09 Mar 2010

Hi Pompyx & Mat,

Thanks for getting back to me on this. Pompyx - your link seems to offer the answer - never even occured to me to just change the file extension - I was thinking I'd have to have all sorts of converters to get it to work!

Will try using IMGBurn again once I've changed the extension and see how I get on.

Was planning on using Nero 9, but have heard there could be problems.

Anyway, thanks again for the help.


  Chas49 00:09 10 Mar 2010


I have AVS as per pompyx's link and it does work

  pompyx 11:48 10 Mar 2010

You are welcome Tizzle, and for preference I always use the versatile Imgburn.

  Tizzle 11:52 11 Mar 2010

Thanks to everyone for the help - have now managed to open & edit some video!
Would have been nice for JVC to use a recognised file type/extension, but at least I'll know fore next time!


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