HD 6450 or GT 520?

  duncan_pereira 21:15 25 Aug 2011

I'm buying a new graphics card for a HTPC Build and have found these two:

MSI Nvidia GT 520

Asus Radeon HD 6450

I'm at a loss here because both feature DX11 Support, both have 1gb of memory and both have performance levels which cancel each other out overall as well as having the same price.

Which should I go for?

  gengiscant 06:58 26 Aug 2011

There is very little difference,I can see by your choices that you do not want to spend to much on a decent graphics card but for a few quid more I would go for the 5570.

  duncan_pereira 09:24 26 Aug 2011

I thought of that but I'm probably chancing my luck with only a 350w Antec PSU. Upgrading it is probably out of the question as it's one of quietest PSU's around and I wouldn't want a noisy HTPC humming away.

  gengiscant 10:18 26 Aug 2011

In that case there is very little difference between the 520 and the 6450,so it could just as well be down to whether you have a preference for Nvidia or ATI. Or just toss a coin.LOL

  AndroidJunkie 21:05 26 Aug 2011

you mention noise levels and the ATI card has no fan to cool it unlike the nVidia counter part, there's your answer ;)

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