HD 2 Motherboard problems help!!!! Please!!!

  choothar 18:56 25 Jul 2007

Ok hi all, i've bought this motherboard and a p4 3ghz processor of my mate. click here

Im having a problem there is only 1 primary IDE slot but i've got 3 hd's and 2 roms, so i cant plug them in anywhere?!!!

The motherboard has 2 other EIDE?! slots but they dont do s**t when my hd's/roms are plugged into them (they dont show up or anything even though the pc will regonize them when checking for ide device's on startup.

Someone mentioned something about RAID in the bios settings but i've switched it on and still nothing,

Can i not use my roms or HD's in the EIDE slot then or something?????

Please Help anyone, i cant do with just 1 HD and 1 Rom :-(

  choothar 19:26 25 Jul 2007

if i bought one of these click here could i then use my ide hd's and roms in the EIDE slots im having problems with??? Is this the answer??

  choothar 20:04 25 Jul 2007

anyone??? help please :-(

  Totally-braindead 20:23 25 Jul 2007

As a suggestion have you tried reading the manual. I've just had a look at this click here and it appears to me that it can only take 2 IDE drives. The only thing you can do is buy SATA drives or a IDE port like this for connecting more IDE devices click here
The item you give a link to I've never heard of, didn't know there was such a thing to be honest, and therefore am unsure of how well it works. The item I gave you link to will work under XP anyway and it states you can boot from it and it provides 4 IDE connections.
Hope that helps.

  choothar 20:28 25 Jul 2007

Cool, so if i buy the pci card for extra ide slots my HD's and Roms should work fine?

Also i've found the sata slots and they are obviously smaller but what is EIDE and why doesent it work with my standard (old) IDE HD's attatched with the ribbon cable? They fit ok!

  Totally-braindead 20:32 25 Jul 2007

Yes buy the PCI card and you can connect up to 4 hard drives or cdroms.

Regarding your query about the EIDE and IDE as far as I know it should work, according to the link the motherboard has only one EIDE slot but you should be able to connect one hard drive and one cdrom to it and it should work.
If you say its not then I would check the BIOS, more than likely its set to boot from the SATA and that might be your problem as it might not even see the IDE port if its not listed in the boot order.

  Totally-braindead 20:37 25 Jul 2007

Perhaps should have explained EIDE is the newer faster IDE but its backwards compatible so your IDE drives should work - check the BIOS for boot order.

  choothar 20:46 25 Jul 2007

try the bios now, i'll be back

  Totally-braindead 20:49 25 Jul 2007

If you get stuck you'll have to delve through the manual I'm afraid - if you don't have it it'll be available on the ASUS website.

  Quiller. 20:53 25 Jul 2007

Your two other IDE motherboard connecters. The red primary and secondary EIDE will not support ATAPI devices. So you can use them for some hard drives and not cd or dvd drives.

You will need to connect the boot hard drive and a cdrom or dvd drive to the blue 40pin eide motherboard connecter.

enter the bios and confire the system to disable the SATA drive? and to boot from the EIDE connecter.

You should then be able to install the operating system. then add the extra hard drives, one at a time to the red EIDE motherboard connecters.

  choothar 21:26 25 Jul 2007

Right been through the bios,

My HD's plugged into red slots arn't apearing in 'my computer' but the ones in blue man are booting and showing my 1 rom i have in there.


Blue man- HD & Rom (both working fine)
Pri Red Man (EIDE) - 1 Hd not workin in desktop sec Red Man (EIDE) - 1 HD not workin in desktop


So what do you mean 'some' HD's? ;-) and where shall i plug my other rom into then???

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