Hawking HWREG1

  bike2009 19:33 21 Aug 2009


I have successfully set up my Hawking HWREG1 repeater and been using it for a couple of months. However, everytime the power in the house goes out, the repeater stops working. I have to go through the set up process again in order for it to work again. This is a pain! Does anyone have any ideas? I have turned the repeater off and have pressed the reset button, however, neither of these have fixed the problem.


  Technotiger 19:41 21 Aug 2009

Why does the power in the house keep going out? Perhaps you should use a Anti-surge protection socket.

  woodchip 19:49 21 Aug 2009

I have a feeling this is the router not letting it back in, Encryption Software in Router. Just for a test try turning Encryption off in the router. remove power then restart them

  woodchip 19:51 21 Aug 2009

What you could try is go into Router Setup Page and fix the Address's for all wireless items

  bike2009 19:51 21 Aug 2009

When we have a thunder storm or snow storm, the power may blink for a few seconds or go out completely. When the power comes back on the repeater has a signal and my laptop can connect to the repeater, however, I can not connect to the internet. If I move my laptop in range of the router, I can connect to the internet. I could use the anti-surge protection, however, that would not keep the repeater from losing power. I'm trying to avoid buying a UPS for just the repeater.

  ambra4 20:30 21 Aug 2009

Hawking Wireless-G Range Extender HWREG1

I take it that you are saving the configure before logging out

Upgrade the firmware and see if that solve your problem

click here

  bike2009 21:03 21 Aug 2009

I turned the encryption off and restated everything and it didn't work. I did notice that the signal from the repeater was still indicating a "security enabled signal" however the router was "unsecured".

ambra4, I just set the repeater up (again) a few weeks ago. Everytime you set it up, it checks for new upgrades. Do you think there has been a new upgrade in the past 4 weeks?


  bike2009 21:45 21 Aug 2009

I haven't found a fix, however, I did find a work around. When you lose power you need to disconnect the power supply from BOTH the wall outlet and repeater. When you reconnect it you must plug the power supply into the wall outlet FIRST before you connect the the power supply into the repeater. If you do this, the signal comes up perfect. If you leave the power supply connected to the repeater and plug it into the wall outlet, it doesn't work.

Thanks for all your help!!

  ambra4 04:36 22 Aug 2009

“Everytime you set it up, it checks for new upgrades”

Are you using the "Backup" tool to save the Range Extender’s current configuration to a file

named "config.bin" on your PC.

If you are do you then use the "Restore" tool to upload and restore the saved configuration to

the Range Extender that is the upgrade that the Range Extender is upgradeing from

Check out “Page 30 - 31 in the manual section 3.2.8

“Firmware Upgrade” which allows you to upgrade the Range Extender’s firmware.it connot be

done automatically

The firmware is a special “bin file” that you have to manualy download and install using the

firmware update section in the Range Extender

Latest Firmware update: Version 1.26

  bike2009 13:52 22 Aug 2009

I don't use the backup tool. I will try the firmware upgrade and see if it corrects the problem.


  olbxnotts 15:55 28 Sep 2009

Please someone help!
i have tried everything to get the repeater to work, i have read no end of forums and basically i can get the repeater to connect to the network and hence my laptop but it will not broadcast the internet aswell!!
any help most welcome please its driving me nuts

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