Havoc caused by Power Interruptions

  mbp 22:19 05 Dec 2004

I live in West Bridgford, Nottingham and tonight, in the middle of my Adaware program, I have had two power interruptions. This means that each time I have to start the program all over again. All the data was lost each time, of course. A lot of time was wasted. Luckily I was not in the middle of my Word Processor programs or all that work would have been lost. Can we not make a strong protest to the Electricity suppliers. They could try to warn us it there is work intended in the vinicity, so we will avoid doing certain type of work on our computers. It is most annoying and frustrating. Also a lot of the electronic clock in the house too have to be reset.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 22:23 05 Dec 2004


  VoG II 22:24 05 Dec 2004

Get a surge protector e.g. click here

And maybe a UPS click here

  Strawballs 22:32 05 Dec 2004

Lucky you were not in the middle of a bios flash

  CurlyWhirly 22:37 05 Dec 2004

I would just like to add that I agree with what VoG™ has said.
I have both a Surge Protector and a UPS and although I have only had it for a few months, the UPS has already 'kicked in' when our area suffered from a power supply glitch recently.

It only lasted a few seconds but would never the less have meant that my PC would have been abruptly shut down which is not good for the PC especially the hard drive as it COULD lead to disk errors.

  The Spires 22:39 05 Dec 2004
  mbp 14:58 06 Dec 2004

Of course, UPS is the answer, but it is fairly expensive option for the one or two occasions per year. If our suppliers could inform us in advance of major repairs or upgrading in the neighbourhood, it would help us to take the necessary precautions at that time. I have had a power surge protector right from the start but cannot afford a UPS.

  Graham ® 15:13 06 Dec 2004

I'm sure the power interruptions were due to a fault tripping a supply line, resulting in an automatic re-routing to maintain service.

Power companies would schedule planned interruptions for daylight hours, and would advise you in advance.

If you ring your supplier, they will have a log of an event such as you experienced, and would happily give you the details.

  Meshuga 17:10 06 Dec 2004

how do you know it was prearranged work being done. Could have been a circuit breaker tripping out. Here in Norfolk, where I live, it happens all the time and the power companies can`t foretell it. It only needs a cow to fart in a field and off goes the current.

  Dorsai 17:49 06 Dec 2004

As Meshuga says. The electric company cant fowarn anyone that Bob-The-Builder will accidently put his JCB bucket through a power cable at 10:30 tomorrow.

The voltage surge that results may well throw curciut breakers for other parts of the grid, albeit only briefly.

I had a power cut last summer, caused by Transco digging up a power cable, when what they were looking to dig up was a gas pipe. The digger operator was apparently quite surprised as he dug a hole in the road, there was a very big BANG, a shower of sparks, and all the lights went out.

My OH did not mind too much, as i had to take her to a resraurant for dinner.

  mbp 17:49 07 Dec 2004

I did not think that it was a Circuit Breaker because when I rang the Electric Supplier, a recorded message said, "We are aware of the fault in region x and region y and our engineers are attending to it." There was no way I could speak to a humanoid. They were probably also using Robots to do the job.

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