Having a Style Sheet created from another one

  erkmatrix 09:36 19 Sep 2008

Hi I'm wanting to know how I would go about creating a new style sheet from one already created. I have bought a template from projectseven and the page package came with a style sheet. Well its great and all that but on some pages I don't want this side box to appear.

If I try and alter it on one page and get rid of it it obviously gets rid of it on every page cause they all use the style sheet. But is there a way I can create a new style sheet from my original one and simply getting rid of the sidebox.

I did try to copy the style sheet and rename it it the on my page looked for the code that brought in the style sheet and changed to @importurl("mynewstylesheet.css");

instead of @import url("myoldstylesheet.css");

but it created some of it but left out my menu and the image above my menu.

Anyone know how I could do this. I'm only learning CSS so don't really grasp it yet.

  erkmatrix 11:26 19 Sep 2008

Its OK I've managed to work it out how to do it.

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