Having problems with Win98SE

  cagey 22:29 17 Feb 2003

I am having problems booting to Win98, I am willing to reinstall the operating system after reformatting C drive. I have tried to reinstall
over the existing but get error messages. What I wanted to know is that at the moment I could dual boot to either win98SE or Win XP (which is loaded on E drive), If I reinstall win98 on reformatted
C Drive would this have any adverse affects on my other drives. I know that I will have to reinstall programs which run under win98.

  Lú-tzé 22:52 17 Feb 2003

There are some files on Drive C which you will need to save - boot.ini, for one and a few others which I cannot remember. Try to get some other advice before formatting C drive or you will need to reinstall XP also.

  howard60 22:53 17 Feb 2003

it will knock out your dual boot and you will have to reload or repair xp for it to run.

  cagey 23:01 17 Feb 2003

Lu-tze--Where can I get info on other files to save as well as boot.ini.

  woodchip 23:01 17 Feb 2003

Try running SFC from the run box, do not forget to put your win98 CD in

  Lú-tzé 23:09 17 Feb 2003

cagey - you will need to save


ntldr (system file)



and maybe more. Sorry, it is a long time ago since I did it and immediately created a ghost of the C drive to go back at anytime I need it.

  cagey 23:16 17 Feb 2003

Woodchip--- have already tried running SFC, 2 files "user.dll2 and "setupx.dll" were found and corrected, but my problems still remained.

  woodchip 23:19 17 Feb 2003

Have you run in SFC look for changed files under the settings page, You may have to restore all the windows files to get it back up and running

  cagey 23:31 17 Feb 2003

Woodchip--don't think I've tried this. I am using XP at the moment , so I will have close my internet connection and try to restart in Win 98. There may be some delay before I come back to you.

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