Having a problems setting up a small network

  Simonious 14:23 12 Apr 2003

I have a couple of computers linked via a hub with a modem router for Broadband access and there are no problems with the connections.Thus all the ethernet cards appear to be working. When I check the Neigbourhood only one of the computers can see the other. I have set up the clients and protocols to the same on both machines. I am using Win 98 on one machine and Win 98 se on the other and using Windows Logon as the primary network logon on both as well.

It is the Win 98 machine that can see the se machine. The one thing that doesnt appear to be correct is when I go into winipcfg on the Win 98 se machine. Here you can choose the adapter type. I have a choice of the 10/100 ethernet driver or PPP adapter in the drop down box. Obviously the correct driver for my machine is the 10/100 driver because this allows an IP address to be allocated to this machine. However everytime I select this driver (the IP address gets allocated)and close the winipcfg program the setting does not remain because the next time I open this program the PPP adaptor has returned and the IP address has reset to 00 00 00.

I get the feeling without really understanding what is going on that because this is happening I am not allocating this machine an IP Address and this is why my network is not working and both machines are not listed.

Does any one know the answer to this problem.

  Kitz E Kat 16:07 12 Apr 2003

As the owner of a small network, ie 3 computers, at home, i dont know that much. What i do know is, you can set a TCP/IP address or have the machine automatically(DHCP) get one fram the server(WIN98 SE). If you check ( your client,ie win 98)you will find in the settings that you have it set to find one, change this to manual setting and give it one,this will be you static address and will not change. As regards one machine can see the other, this is the client, the server will not see the client, i simply put any files on my client that i want to see on the server in the shared file of the server, and thus can see all files i want on both machines.
I Would tell you more but im a bit dodgy on this issue, but havin fun trying to figure it out!!

  Simonious 21:07 12 Apr 2003

....it is the so called 'Server' machine, the Win 98 se machine that doesn't have an IP address?? So what do I do?

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