Having problems with radio streaming help please

  golfpro 11:52 29 Dec 2008

I use my pc for radio streaming (BBC radio 2). I'm an ex pat living in Austria. Just recently about five days before Christmas The signal has been dropping out every 30 seconds/two min. or so for about ten seconds. I cleaned out my computer defrag etc. I contacted my ISP today who checked it out and found nothing wrong with the signal. So I have come to the conclusion its either Real Player or the BBC web site at fault. This problem also occurs on my lap top Running on a Wifi connection.
Before I go ahead and de-install Real player and reinstall it has any body got any other ideas what it could be, or what I could try.

My pc is an XP and the laptop Vista. I have a cable broadband connection.

  chub_tor 12:06 29 Dec 2008

I stream BBC Radio from a choice of two sources. I like to use the Vista sidebar gadget UK Radio Player but for some time now Radio 4 has been very intermittent while Radio 5, World Service etc has been OK. Instead I have switched to the BBC iPlayer for Radio 4 and most of the time that has been OK. It is based on Real, so s reinstall may work for you.

  golfpro 12:40 29 Dec 2008

The one thing that gets me is my real player on the pc has been running for about four years and the one on my lap top for only Six months. So why should I be getting the same problem on both machines.

  MaxUpload 12:49 29 Dec 2008

I can't offer a suggestion on your particular problem but even here in the UK I was getting variable results streaming BBC Radio using the Real Player software.

On recommendation I switched to RadioPaq - click here - and as well as a more varied choice I never have problems with the BBC.

  golfpro 12:58 29 Dec 2008

I only listen to bbc 2 and with RadioPaq you need the real player plug in. So I would be back where I started.

  golfpro 13:01 29 Dec 2008

I think I'm going to have a go at at a Re-install what have I got to loose.

  MaxUpload 08:33 30 Dec 2008

golfpro - I don't understand you saying that "you need the real player plug in" with RadioPaq.

On the UK/All categories tab there are two instances of BBC Radio 2.One asks for the plugin,the other doesn't!

I am sitting at my desk listening to Wogan as we speak - no plugin reqd!

  BigBro63 17:59 30 Dec 2008

It's a relief to find out someone else is having the same problem.

I am in Latvia and have had the same problems as seen by golfpro with radio 2. I have a MacBook Pro and listen using Real Player v10 for Mac. I've tried listening via the BBC iPlayer and it's still the same. I did install Real Player v11 for Mac earlier this year and it was similar to what I experience now, dropping out every minute or so. I deleted it and reinstalled v10 and it has been fine till now. I listen to some programs using the listen again and they still drop out but nowhere near as often as the "live" signal. I have listened to numerous radio stations from the UK, USA and Australia and have had no problems. I think it's a problem with the BBC.

Does anyone know who to contact at the BBC to find out if it's their problem?

  golfpro 11:26 31 Dec 2008

Yes it is a problem just with Radio 2, BBCs 1-3and4 are OK and has been happening since about four days before Christmas, So I guess the Tech guys at BBC are on a skeleton staff at the moment. Don't bother trying to contact the BBC I tried and got the usual standard reply "We are trying all the time to improve our service......" By the way BigBro63 if you can send me the V10 set up details I shall be grateful. I use to have them but deleted it when I downloaded V11.

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