Having problems with PCA tonight

  birdface 22:25 13 Apr 2012

I am having problems with PCA Tonight.Anyone else having problems or is it just me.

  ams4127 22:28 13 Apr 2012

For me, this is one of the few nights when it is working properly.

What browser are you using?

  birdface 22:34 13 Apr 2012

Using Firefox.V11

Started working ok but getting a bit sluggish.I think it may just be me that is having the problems but cannot find out why.

  birdface 22:36 13 Apr 2012

Just tried I/E8 and it is not working as it should on there.Time to give the security programs a run i think.

  Border View 23:01 13 Apr 2012

Grease lightening here in SR7 via o2 LLU

  birdface 23:53 13 Apr 2012

Ok nothing showed up in the scans and the only thing I have downloaded recently is a flash update.

Will see what tomorrow brings.I will class as resolved as It seems i am the only one having problems.

  sunnystaines 09:45 14 Apr 2012

buteman, been slow to fully open for many months i think its the ads and social networks links that are slow to display, not sure if pca can speed them up or not.

  birdface 11:23 14 Apr 2012


Nobody else was having any problems and mine was slowing down all the time.And at 1 point I could not open PCA.

I new it had to be a fault in my computer because I ran this

http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ and it came up with Just me.

So not really found the cause yet,I was having problems connecting to the internet last week but managed to fix that so maybe have a look at that later.

Now here me thinking you have got a new TV with great pictures so was not expecting you on today.

Wonder if you have the same problem as myself with your new TV.

I think my wife has the remote superglued to her hand as you can never get it off her.She watches all the old soaps, programs she has seen before but cannot remember watching them etc.

Hope you have better luck with yours.

If not no doubt we will see you on here more often.

  sunnystaines 12:53 15 Apr 2012

i get the red bar with pc advisor come up quickly like any other web site but then wait ages for all the ads and bits to load, I was wondering how do similar web sites with many ads, graphics etc open quickly.

with pca i have to wait watch that blue circle go round and around for ages before it fully loads and i can scroll the page. i have fast 10 meg internet so know its not my connection, seldom had this on the old pca site any slow downs then oly lasted a day. i presume pca is working behind the scenes trying to fix it.

  birdface 13:03 15 Apr 2012


I take it you use I/E I started using Firefox about 6 months ago and would not go back to I/E as it is to slow.

Do you not run with an add blocker switched on.I find that opens sites that bit quicker.

I think my problem was with my modem.It fails to connect to the Internet but I can get started using some of the troubleshooters.

Virginmedia are going to send out a new Modem for me so lets hope that solves the problems.

  sunnystaines 14:30 15 Apr 2012

buteman............. can virgin not send you a modern router it will be much better than a modem i thought modems were now extinct.

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