Having problems with Firefox settings

  gav223 20:16 01 Feb 2013


Can someone please help me with sorting out the settings in Firefox.

I have just started to use it over Safari, but it starting to become a pain. Everything I read doesn't seem to work.

I just want to be able to open new tabs and it open directly with the home page.

When I click the home button it takes the current page to the homepage, but adds another tab not with the homepage.

Seems pretty straightforward, but I've tried a few things and nothing works.


  lotvic 21:32 01 Feb 2013

You have to tell FF that you want a new tab to open with your homepage url or some other webpage.

In the Address bar type, about:config and press Enter.

The about:config 'This might void your warranty!' or 'Here be dragrons' warning page may appear. Click 'I'll be careful, I promise!', to continue to the about:config page.

Type, browser.newtab.url in the search box.

Double-click the browser.newtab.url preference and change the string value url to what you want, you can change it to about:home for the Firefox Google home page, or type in your preferred home page, for example google.com. (you don't type the www's)

Click OK and close the about:config tab

Now when you open a new tab that is the page it will display.

  lotvic 21:48 01 Feb 2013

I'm a bit puzzled about "When I click the home button it takes the current page to the homepage, but adds another tab not with the homepage"

Are you saying clicking the home button causes another tab to open? that doesn't sound right to me.

To open a new tab you click on the + on the right of the last open tab

Tab opening options are in - Tools | Options | Tabs

  gav223 20:31 03 Feb 2013

Thanks very much lotvic.

I've managed to sort that tab issue out now.

  lotvic 21:19 03 Feb 2013

glad you got it how you wanted :)

  lotvic 21:20 03 Feb 2013

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