Having new PC built, any advice on these parts?

  Dragon111 19:10 22 Jul 2003

I have chosen all the other parts, only ones I need to choose are the Motherboard, C.P.U and Hard Drive.
Unfortunately, where it is getting built, there are only a few product name choices:

MOTHERBOARD: Jetway Polaris 400
Jetway V400DB + SMD

C.P.U: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (333mhz)
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (333mhz)
Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz (533mhz)


Any opinions?

  Lozzy 20:43 22 Jul 2003

For me CPU has to be Intel however AmD are very good and have an excellent reputation but Intel have done me proud. As for the HDD get the largest capacity you can afford.. Would be interested in seeing your full spec..

  AMD 4 ever 21:07 22 Jul 2003

go for AMD everytime. it gives you more scope to increase the system on a more powerful of extra use...i.e you can get a extra hdd for back up instead of buying a p4, or get a nice speaker setup...etc...this is one advantage of amd over p4. Besides you or I would never notice the speed gains/loss between the two.

  Dragon111 02:12 23 Jul 2003

full specs are:

Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2800+
Fan: UPTO 2600-+ Fan
Motherbooard: Jetway Polaris 400
Memory: 512MB DDR400 PC3200
Hard Drive: 120GB Maxtor
Graphics Card: 128MB GeForce FX-5200 DDR
DVD Drive: LG 16x DVD Drive
Sound Card: Creative SBLIVE Player 5.1
Speakers: Nicole 480W Subwoofer System
Floppy Drive: ALPS 1.44MB 3.5inch
Modem: ETEC USB Modem
Case: Blue 4x5.25inch ATX Midicase
Keyboard/Mouse Genius RF Keyboard & Optical Mouse
Op System: Windows XP Home

That is what I was thinking of getting...because thats the best I can afford, hehe

  crx1600 02:15 23 Jul 2003

at what price?

just in case someone knows of a better deal.

  Webmaster 03:26 23 Jul 2003

Go for AMD. I'm not an Intel basher, far from it (the Xeon chipset is ideal for top-range servers), though the facts are displayed on AMD's website to be viewed by all and for visitors to read that Intel's P4 chips are being outperformed by AMD AthlonXP chips when official benchmark tests have taken place. One guy once said to me after that, "when will Intel soon realise that the higher the Gig isn't always the better the performance."

It _really_ isn't worth spending so much more for the AMD Athlon XP 2800+. I would recommend the 2600+, but remember, the figures are not the quoted speeds. They are what AMD have had them perform at when clocked (if I remember from reading AMD's website). But either chip will run in excess of 2.0~2.1 GHz. The 333 FSB delivers superb performance, especially when coupled with 333 or 400 speed DDR memory.

I shall just briefly touch on the Maxtor HDD. First off, you will need a fan for the HDD since it will be running at 7200RPM. A previous thread was talking about this, and the fan sorted the problem out since the guy's HDD was always overheating. Many people disagree with fans on HDDs, and sometimes the use of all fans in general, but I really do recommend you purchasing one. They are very cheap, below 5.00 GBP if you find a decent outlet - click here to view CCL's price list. Next thing.... it's a pity you're only being offered Maxtors because they are prone to reliability problems. Because you are buying a very good machine, I can not recommend Western Digital Caviar HDD models enough, especially since they include an 8 Mb cache - the performance is outstanding. I insist on installing them in servers if RAID is not being used. Again, you can pick these up at CCL at an impressive price. Maxtor are not bad by the way, so if you can't go for Western Digital, well, you will still be using a jolly good make anyway, and arguably, second best.

The Creative 5.1 5300 speakers are ideal for the card you've specified, infact, they are designed especially for the SBLive and SBAudigy series - it's the combination I have just employed and I'm loving the sound every bit.

Good luck with the spec-deciding and if you need further help just post away!

  Dragon111 20:03 23 Jul 2003

Cool, great.
Only thing is Creative 5.1 is not on thier list, but Creative Inspire 4.1 is. I'll ask about your suggestion tho. As for the rest, I have changed my comp stats to your suggestions.

I will keep all informed.

PS, what it is now, with Creative Inspire 4.1 speaker suggestion, it is £799.

  AMD 4 ever 20:13 23 Jul 2003

The Jetway motherboard will lets this PC down!

  Dragon111 23:55 23 Jul 2003

The only other Motherboard is the Chaintech Apogee 7VJL1 that ok?

  clayton 06:52 24 Jul 2003

save your money go purchase your pc where you can get a good make motherboard i would never buy a Jetway.

  tamc98 09:56 24 Jul 2003

Looks OK to me (but then I'm more than happy with my 1800+XP). Only thing I noticed was the lack of a CD-RW drive. Surely you're not going to spend all that money and not add £40 worth of drive. How are you going to do back-ups ?

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