Having an MTU problem (I think!)

  JonnyUK 03:11 24 Feb 2008

First off, sorry for the long post! I just like to be thorough. I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to read on and help me out. :)

Ok, so I've got a bit of a problem with my internet at the moment. As I'm at university at the moment and in university accomodation, I'm on the university network... University is Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and accomodation is Unite Grand Central.

Now I'm not 100% sure on how it works exactly. Everything in Grand Central is networked, you can see other people's iTunes libraries who live in the same accomodation. You plug an ethernet into your computer and the network point. So I don't know if it's right that Grand Central is networked on its own and then connected to the university network, giving the people who run Grand Central power of network settings?

So on with the problem anyway, I am unable to send or receive webcam on MSN, and I can't load any webcams at all on stickam.com (in case anyone's familiar with that). Some other Adobe Flashplayer things won't work, like applications on facebook - just won't connect.

The thing that leads me to MTU is that when I tried connected to Xbox Live (internet gaming service) it gives me an error message that the MTU is too low. Now, Xbox Live and all the other things that now don't work, have worked before. It makes me think that they've changed the MTU to stop a lot of traffic slowing the network down.

The question is, can anyone help me in fixing this? Is it possible to do it from my own personal computer in my room or would I have to take the problem to reception and use a host pc or actually manually change the router somehow?

This exact same problem has happened before, and because I was on a trip away for a week after it already not working for about a week, I noticed it working when I got back. Could the fact my computer having no connectivity for an extended period of time affect this?

  User-1159794 07:55 24 Feb 2008

"Could the fact my computer having no connectivity for an extended period of time affect this?"
Now I'm guessing that all settings are controlled by the uni,grand central(good name for a station perhaps,just a thought).They should be your first pot of call with your problem.You certainly couldn't change router settings from your pc.

  crosstrainer 09:17 24 Feb 2008

Is probably right, I used to administer a uni network, and they were fussy about bandwidth...Understandable when if you consider everyone xboxing, youtube, facebook etc. They have also almost certainly blocked a lot of apps as well.

This network will be administered by the University's IT people, so that would be your best port of call.

  User-1159794 09:24 24 Feb 2008

oops sorry,"pot of call",port of call.

  JonnyUK 17:39 24 Feb 2008

Thanks for the replies! Last time it happened, I went down to reception and told them all of this about MTU but as I went away for the week I never got to see when it went back on or if it was because of what I said.

Will they control or at least have some power over the network settings in this actual accomodation? Or is it down the IT people somewhere else in charge of the university network?

  JonnyUK 04:48 25 Feb 2008

Just bumping this.. Hope that's not against the rules or anything! I'm just desperate for as full answers as possible before I actually go complain!

  liv07 20:51 04 Mar 2008

Sorry I cant help you with the problem to much. I live in the same building as yourself. Apparently they have blocked high speed internet ports. Meaning things such as online gaming on consoles cna no longer be done. I have been havin my own internet logged over the last 11 days and I have not be able to do any online gaming. I can however get on the internet with my pc. However I am in the process of complaining to unite over this current situation. I would be interested to know what you have been told. I keep on getting told now that it is not their fault, the fault lies with ljmu. However as unite provide the service to us then they are responsible. It clearly does not state that online gaming can not be carried out in the terms and conditons it simply metions things such as peer to peer for music and the like. I would be very interested to get in contact with you more over this. Let us know if you are because I am simply not happy with the service from unite and am going to get either the access changed or apply for a full refund.

  JonnyUK 19:37 07 Mar 2008

Yeah, I got told just about a week ago that LJMU are blocking higher ports which is resulting in so many problems. I can't connect to Xbox Live with the MTU error message.

From the talks with the receptionist (you want to get in touch with a Sarah Lees as she's handling all of this), she says it's LJMU's problem and over 200 people or so have complained so far. I'm wanting a refund to be honest.. I can access the internet but it's a dumbed down version and not what I'm paying for.

When I could use Xbox Live, the connection was always fairly terrible anyway. How do you manage to play?!

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