Have you used free software for unlocking w810i

  SG Atlantis® 18:33 06 Aug 2006

I want to unlock a w810i for someone, and NOT pay.

This locking thing is a pain, surely if you buy a phone you should be able to use it on whatever network you want.

Debranding that's another pain, any ideas?

Thank you very much.

  skidzy 18:46 06 Aug 2006

SG.. have you seen this thread click here couple of interesting links that may help you,sorry cannot find an unlocking code anywhere at the moment.

Hope this helps.

  Jimmy14 19:00 06 Aug 2006

"surely if you buy a phone you should be able to use it on whatever network you want"

No, you shouldn't unless you buy the specific unlocked handset from somewere e.g Amazon or a shop. The reason a phone is locked to one network is because you have either taken out a contract with the network provider and got it way cheaper than buying a new unlocked handset then you want to unlock it which is seen as wrong. Surely somewere in contract's terms and conditions you are not supposed to unlock a cheaper contract phone to another network. I own the W810i from T-Mobile's Contract and obviously I paid cheaper for it than buying it from a shop but that would be wrong of me to take out a contract with them and unlock their phone to sell it which would make me the profit

  SG Atlantis® 19:41 06 Aug 2006

I bought my own unlocked handset for full price. It's never been a problem for me either way, I have only ever used o2.

PAYG handsets come with little or no subsidy from the network. If you buy the handset I still think you should be able to change to a diff network if you wish without charge.

In some instances I have seen PAYG more expensive than buying an unlocked phone!

Obviously if you take a free phone on a contract then you are legally obliged to keep it (the contract) for the full length of the terms. Even after your contract ends, the network still wants money to release the phone! It's unfair in my opinion.

  SG Atlantis® 20:05 06 Aug 2006

ticking it.

Searched for ages, they can pay at a local shop, I have given it back.

jimmy14 mine's a w700i by the way.

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