Have you emailed me?

  Forum Editor 14:14 02 Feb 2003

Over the past couple of months I have noticed a big increase in the number of emails I get from forum members about their problems. Whilst I am always pleased to hear from you I can't enter into email correspondence about individual computer problems on a one-to-one basis - there just isn't enough time, and we already receive hundreds of messages from the forum on other matters.

Often I'm aware that a forum member has clicked on the 'Contact moderator' button in error - when he/she really meant to post a response in the thread. This sends an email to me, and invariably I end up pointing the person back to the thread.

The email links are there to be used when something has to be dealt with privately, or when a person has asked to be contacted in that way - not as a general means of problem solving. If email is used it prevents other forum users from seeing the way a problem's solved.

I'll continue to welcome emails on any subject, but please don't ask for personal help with a computer problem - with the best will in the world we don't have the resources to cope.

  Andsome 16:10 02 Feb 2003

I think that this is very fair comment. (Creep creep)

  Pesala 22:04 02 Feb 2003

I thought it was just someone's clever choice of an on-line name. Wish I had thought of it first.

Didn't there used to someone called Bill Gates hanging out on this forum?

  Forum Editor 22:42 02 Feb 2003

and I'm the Forum editor - honest I am.

As for Bill Gates, there must be a million people with that name.

  Switcher 22:48 02 Feb 2003

Surely there must be more than one Forum editor is it not a shift job.

  Border View 23:00 02 Feb 2003

Nah - its China

  User-312386 23:39 02 Feb 2003

With FE here, the Contact us tab should only be used for

"The email links are there to be used when something has to be dealt with privately" as he has said

i agree wholeheartedly


  User-312386 23:33 05 Feb 2003

could you please close this thread now........lol


  SafeHaven 23:37 05 Feb 2003

I am A FORUM BOSS ok not on this site, my mail is set to auto respond safer and better lol

  Forum Editor 23:45 05 Feb 2003

but only one Forum Editor I'm afraid.

I wouldn't dream of having an auto-response set up. I can think of nothing worse, and it's certainly no safer.

  User-312386 23:46 05 Feb 2003



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