Have you cancelled Tiscali account

  New Star 19:34 27 May 2005

What is the best way to cancel my dialup anytime
account £14.99,there is a downgrade option on
their site which would take me back to PAYG account
but after hearing people have done this and still
being charged for the service would phone calls
be better option albeit more expensive or e-mails
option,have you cancelled if so which route did you

  Carpigiani 19:53 27 May 2005

Providing you are at the end of any contract term, you can downgrade to PAYG, or cancell completely.

Then if you pay by direct debit simply instruct your bank to cancel your direct debit agreemant with them.

If you pay by credit card write to Tiscali & instruct them not to take any more payments from your card.

If they then continue to take any money contact your credit card company with a copy of the letter & they will do the rest.

When I cancelled my account I found that the letter did the trick.

Good luck

  New Star 20:01 27 May 2005

I Dont think there is a minimum contract with
anytime account so in theory i should be able
to cancel anytime and i pay with credit card at
the minute.

  Carpigiani 20:04 27 May 2005

Then just cancell.

But I would recommend the letter to stop them taking more payments.

  New Star 16:41 28 May 2005

Thanks i will cancel but i have just seen another
thread which says tiscali can only be cancelled
by phone,maybe a long time on the phone ah well.

  holmesy67 18:12 28 May 2005

if you use online banking you can cancel a direct debit there , its easy!

  Carpigiani 20:05 28 May 2005

Phone them to cancel, then follow up with the letter confirming cancellation & instructing them not to take any more payments from your credit card.

The letter is important, because if they do take more money, you have written proof of cancellation to show to them & your credit card company.

I phoned & cancelled my account with them, but they continued taking payments until they received my letter, it took 6 months to get my money back.

Since then I always pay my ISP through direct debit, & as holmesy67 said, you can cancel a direct debit to stop a company taking more payments.

  watchful 20:15 28 May 2005

I wrote a letter and kept a copy of course.

  New Star 20:19 28 May 2005

Good advice and direct debit next time.

  Tick Tock 17:15 10 Jun 2005

Where did you send the letter was it to tiscali
customer service or have you another address.

  watchful 22:31 10 Jun 2005

I sent it to: Tiscali UK Ltd. Tiscali Customer Care, PO Box 254, HULL, HU2 8YA.

It was 3 years ago though.

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