Have W98, Do I need W98se Help Please????

  Green 1 01:26 21 Jul 2004

I am thinking of buying the Medion car navigation system from Halfords now on the box it says I need W98se and I have just W98, I take it it needs this for update reasons, do you good people think it will still work on my OS or not, if not can I get an upgrade to W98se disc and would it be hard to do as I`m not very techie? Many thanks for any replies I may get.

  hillybilly 02:43 21 Jul 2004

If they say you need 98SE then you will.

It is still possible to buy 98SE upgrades but you would have to search about.

google.co.uk would be a good start.

If you use an upgrade pack it should be quite easy, if you just bought a straight new package of 98SE it might be a little harder to do, but it would probably be better in the end.

Either way not really differcult and if you did have a problem, well theres an awful of people on this forum that will guide you through!

  hillybilly 02:45 21 Jul 2004

sorry should have read

well theres an awful lot of people on this forum that will guide you through!

  temp003 07:35 21 Jul 2004

Do you mean the Medion MDPPC 250 Satellite Navigation PDA? click here

Here's a review of the MDPPC 200 (presumably an older model). click here It doesn't seem to require access to a PC to install and use the software, but there are more features you can use via a PC, and I suppose as you said, maybe for updates via the PC.

As hillybilly says, if it says it requires 98se, then it probably does.

You can always try to install the software on your 98 computer, and see if it will work on the PC, and whether the PDA will work with the PC.

If you do need to shell out to upgrade your OS, that should be quite simple. Just buy an upgrade version of the CD. Load Windows 98 on your PC. Back up your important data first. Then insert the upgrade CD, and choose the upgrade option, and just follow the prompts. An upgrade will keep your programs and data intact.

But first check that you can still find a 98se upgrade CD. Alternatively, simply buy an XP upgrade CD (but you must check first that your computer is compatible with XP).

  badgerschuff 08:44 21 Jul 2004

Hi there,
you can always pick up a copy of Windows 98 SE quite easily on e bay for a reasonable price.


  goonerbill 08:49 21 Jul 2004

you could also upgrade to winME. always found it much better then either version of 98

  TBH1 09:34 21 Jul 2004

I think one of the big differences between w98 and w98se was the usb support on the latter; maybe its just this 'bit' that is required for this system.

As stated, if you can get a w98se upgrade, it will be a doddle; if you can only get the full version, not quite so easy - would mean backing up all your 'stuff' and starting again.

  cga 09:58 21 Jul 2004

I could be wrong (my memory is getting old) but I was sure that the full retail version of SE would also let you do the upgrade. If my memory serves me correctly then the restictions are :-

OEM version - must be installed on top of itself (for corrective actions) or a clean machine.

Update version - must be installed over one of the qualifying versions (including W98 V1).

Full retail version - No restriction.

So, if I am right, then the one to avoid is the OEM version (not legal anyway).

  terryr48 10:00 21 Jul 2004

Just a thought have you checked out the price of a car navigation system by buying direct from medion click here as opposed to Halfords-might save enough to pay for upgrading your os

  Sans le Sou 11:28 21 Jul 2004

Be careful on e-bay as a lot of Win98SE upgrades are from Win95 to Win98SE. I know it is a chore but a clean install would be better in my opinion.

  Green 1 01:57 22 Jul 2004

I would like to thank all of you GOOD people for replying to me with all the gen I could possibly need, many thanks to you all

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