Have the temperature sensors gone?

  Elrond 18:40 07 Mar 2003

Along with my Giga-byte motherboard came their Easy Tune software for overclocking. I dont use it for this purpose but do use it to monitor my system temperature and CPU temperature. My case originally only had one fan on the side. And my temps were always around 35C for system and 55C for CPU. I know that's a little high. Thus I I got a second case fan and have placed my CDRW a few bays down so i can sit the new fan on top of it blowing air into the system at the top(warm air rising and all that). This only brought things down a few degrees. So i then installed a PCI slot exhaust and at first this never really had much effect, again only a degree or so in sys temp change. However over the past couple of days my system temp has been around 27C which is fine but the CPU shows up as around 22C when Idle and when using the processor jumps about 15-20C. Having not seen anything lower than 50C for an idle processer temp and the dramatic drop to 22C I am a little concerned the sensors aren't operating properly. If this is correct temp then i'd be tempted to overclock but the 15-20C rise when the processer is in action is stopping me. To be honest I dont think I'll bother. Any thoughts?

  Elrond 20:01 07 Mar 2003


  SDJ 20:09 07 Mar 2003

I also have a Gigabyte MB and use Easytune.
Im guessing you checked you readins in the BIOS?
Have you got or tried Easytune 4?
You could also try Motherboard monitor but my experience is that it was recording temps of nearly 10c higher than actual.

Probably not much help but might get others thinking.

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