Have my PCI slots got mixed up?

  alcudia 16:05 24 Nov 2003

Just noticed this while checking something else.

Motherboard (Gigabyte GA81DX) has six pci slots, numbered, according to the manual from the top 1 down to 6 at the bottom.

Second slot (presumeably no 2) has a USB2 card, but in device manager it shows as being in slot 4.

The fourth slot has a modem which thinks it's in slot 6.

Is this mis-numbering ok, or should I start wondering why.


  Lozzy 16:16 24 Nov 2003

Do you have the manual?? If not you can download it by click here

  alcudia 16:20 24 Nov 2003

Yep, that's where I got the sequence from.

presumably the cards work so the diparity between the logical numbering that the manual uses and the actual numbering used by the chipset is of no consequence, the pci standard specifies complete 'plug and play' ccompatability so provided you have an OS later than win98 you need not worry.

  alcudia 16:53 24 Nov 2003

That's what I wanted to hear. Thanks.

OS XP Pro, and yes they do work.

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