Have I got a worm?

  lindwall 15:20 17 Feb 2004


Wondered if anyone could help. When I start my computer I get a window open entitled 'Registry Editor'. It gives me the message: "Cannot import sysdll.reg: Error opening the file. There may be a disk or file system error."

I having trouble working out how to sort this. Any help very appreciated.


  Indigo 1 15:24 17 Feb 2004

Will the PC not get past this point ? Do you get stuck in the same loop ?

  lindwall 15:29 17 Feb 2004

No, I can close the window and apparently continue unaffected. I'm suspicious though. Usually if I stick an error message into Google I can find an explanation of it. "sysdll.reg" doesn't seem to register though, except that it shows some similarity (though not exact) to a couple of worms.

  anon1 15:32 17 Feb 2004

There is a possibility that you have some spyware. If you dont have spybot or adaware then go and download one or the other or both and run them. What os are you using is it windows ME or XP or 98. spybot is click here free and adaware click here is also free

  Indigo 1 16:52 17 Feb 2004

Also check your Anti-Virus is up to date and scan everything, if you have a system restore folder you will have to delete it. Then scan again.

  anon1 17:08 17 Feb 2004

Indigo that is bad advice, you only have to delete system restore IF THERE IS A virus infection and then not always

  Indigo 1 17:16 17 Feb 2004

I did say scan first. Sorry if it was misleading 8-(

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