Have I got a IMB Broadband connection?

  freaky 11:46 29 Oct 2005

My ISP - NTL, said that I was having a free upgrade to 1MB Broaband at the end of October this year.

My Network Icon at the bottom right of the desktop shows a speed of 10.0Mbps.

I have run 'MySpeed Bandwidth test' and it shows a download speed of 984 Kbps, and an Upload Speed of 95.7 Kbps. Do these figures equate with a 1MB Broadband connection? Many thanks.

  Splork 11:47 29 Oct 2005


  DieSse 12:45 29 Oct 2005


The 10Mbps is the connection from your computer to modem/router.

984Kbps is the download speed of your connection - ie nearly 1Mbps, which as a measured speed is pretty good.

95.7 is the speed of the upload - I would have expected this to be a tad faster - normally 128 or 256 Kbps - but it depends on what the actual specs are for your connection.

  Stuartli 13:04 29 Oct 2005

The 10MB figure is normally the fastest capable speed of the line.

  ACOLYTE 13:14 29 Oct 2005

I think the 10Mbps is the LAN connection if you have 1 Mbps connection it would say 1Mbps when you hovered the mouse over it,is the BB icon not showing on the taskbar?
If not open the network connections folder,right click the BB connection,select properties and tick the box show icon when connected at the bottom of the box,then hover your mouse over it in the task bar it should say 1Mbps.

  Stuartli 13:18 29 Oct 2005

Mine always shows 2.3MB (Tiscali) whatever the source which is, as I stated earlier, in my case the maximum speed of which the line is currently capable.

A friend at the other end of town used to have a figure of 256, then 512 and, finally, 2.3MB as speeds were increased by BT.

However, it may well be different with NTL.

  freaky 18:10 29 Oct 2005

The Icon I referred to in the taskbar, is described (by hovering the mouse on it)as Local Area Connection, and shows Speed:10.0 Mbps.

Why is there such a big speed difference between Downloand and Upload, just checked it now - shows Download 982 kbps and 95.9 kbps for upload. I would have thought they would be about the same ?

  interzone55 18:32 29 Oct 2005

The upload speed of any Broadband connection, be it Dial-up, ADSL or Cable, is always significatly less than the upload speed, this is due to the way the lines work.

With dial-up the uplink was normally 33k whilst the down-link was 56k.

With most ADSL lines the uplink is 128Kb whilst the downlink is 512, 1152 or 2304Kb.

ADSL stands for Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line, Asynchronous means not synchronised, ie different speeds.

Normally people download much more than they upload, so this isn't a problem.

If you want the same speed in both directions then you need an SDSL line, these are for businesses that run their own web servers, and this is reflected in the scary prices commanded for SDSL lines. click here

  freaky 20:43 29 Oct 2005

Many thanks to all who replied, I think my question has now been resoled.

  DieSse 23:18 29 Oct 2005

Just out of interest the A = Asymmetric meaning the upload and download are not symmetric (ie different)

Asynchronous is something quite different.

  Chegs ® 23:26 29 Oct 2005

Also,the usual upload speeds are 256Kbs,although some ISP's are 128Kbs.

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