Have i got enough power to run a dvd-writer?

  KWAKI 16:51 23 Apr 2004

I want to add a dvd writer to my setup but i'm not sure my system has enough power as some manufacturers give minimum requirements of a 1GB processor. I have an AMD 700mh system with 256ram and i'm considering the LG GSA-4081B.
Will i be able to use it on my system?

  Xevious 16:53 23 Apr 2004

when you talk about power, you shouldn't refer to the processor or RAM, but should refer to the power supply. what PSU have you got?

  KWAKI 17:08 23 Apr 2004

I think its a 300watt.

  Xevious 17:12 23 Apr 2004

be OK, considering you have a small (ish) CPU.

what other devices? (such as hard disks / cd-roms) and how many of each?

  KWAKI 17:18 23 Apr 2004

It will have an LG DVD rom cd-writer combo and one 26GB hard drive .

  Xevious 17:21 23 Apr 2004

so if there aren't any other devices (such as another hard disk or cd-rom or great big whopping fan) - then you should be good to go!

  bananaslik 17:30 23 Apr 2004

KWAKI,the writer u r choosing may b fussy about the blanks it uses also the software.mr freind has the 4080 they r good writers but they only seem to like the top quality blanks.they may have sorted this for the 4081,why not try the pioneer 107 i have the 106d & it writes on anything & is compatable with all software that i have tried.but at the end of the day it's what you fancy.

  ened 17:30 23 Apr 2004

I have just installed an LG burner and it takes up all my resources whilst working.
I have 2024DDR400RAM & 2.5 Athlon.
I have tried in vain to contact LG Electronics UK to see if I have maybe got it set up wrong.
Twice I have detailed my problem. The first time they gave me a reply which bore no resemblance to my query and the second time they asked me for all the details which I had given them twice already.
If I am unable to sort it out myself I shall use the LG as a player and buy a Sony which I wish I had done in the first place.
I have just realised this ought to have been posted in the Consumerwatch forum but your thread was here.

  Xevious 17:33 23 Apr 2004

i think your case is due to a faulty product to be fair, not just LG being bad...

i personally have a PIONEER... :-)

  KWAKI 17:47 23 Apr 2004

I've just looked at the Pioneer DVR 107 at Dabs.com and it looks good ......i wander if that would work in my system?

  Xevious 17:51 23 Apr 2004

a bigger PSU anyway? you can get them dirt cheap from click here

maybe put a 350W in, then you're sure to be OK...

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