Have I got a dodgy HDD?

  johndrew 16:02 14 Mar 2007

I have been having some difficulties with the second drive recently.

The history is the PC is less than 2 years old. Last year the second drive failed and was replaced under warranty; so the suspect drive is less than a year old. Recently the drive decided to `dump` everything click here so was reformatted (2 partitions - E: & F:). I have been checking for `the dirty bit` as previously this same drive had given me problems because it was `set` and needed sorting.

Yesterday CHKDSK ran at startup on the E: partition but appeared to find nothing particularly wrong.

Today I opened the command prompt and put in `fsutil dirty query E:` everything seemed to freeze for a short while - lots of HDD activity - and then responded `Error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O error.`

I repeated the check on F: (the other partition on the drive) and got the same result.

I opened Device Manager which told me there was no problem with the drive (working properly). I expanded to show hidden devices and found `Non-Plug and Play Drivers`, `ASInsHelp` to have an exclamation mark by it - whether this has anything to do with the problem I have no idea.

To see if a re-boot had any effect I did one and CHKDSK started on the E: partition - again it appeared to find nothing.

I have just put `fsutil dirty query E:` into the command prompt and it tells me it is `not dirty`.

Can anyone throw any light on this problem at all? At the moment all appears good but could go pear shaped again!!

Thanks in anticipation.

  woodchip 16:37 14 Mar 2007

You can be having a Problem with the EIDE sockets on the MOBO. A long time ago I had to replace\a\MOBO for that reason

  woodchip 16:38 14 Mar 2007

Also try a different Ribbon cable. wigle the ribbon near the mobo

  johndrew 16:40 14 Mar 2007

Thanks for coming back.

Sorry should have said, both drives are SATA and I have checked the leads; they appear OK.

  jimv7 16:43 14 Mar 2007

Check the psu, an underpowered psu can cause faults with hard drives.

  johndrew 16:46 14 Mar 2007

Just looked at the drive temperatures and the second (suspect?) drive is about 4 degrees C higher than the other but it is physically mounted above it as well.

Also looked at HDD Health (S.M.A.R.T. file checker) and it confirms what Device Manager said - no problems and all figures are in blue.

  johndrew 16:51 14 Mar 2007

The PSU is rated at 480Watts so it should be powerful enough for 2 HDDs, 1 DVD/CD drive, 1 DVD/CD-RW drive, motherboard and modem. Shouldn`t it?

  johndrew 18:40 14 Mar 2007

I have just put in `fsutil dirty query E:` to the command prompt and it came back dirty. Currently I`m running chkdsk /f /r e: and it will take some time based on past experience. Last time it was about 5 hours click here

  woodchip 18:40 14 Mar 2007

If you can put some space in between the two drives, do so

  johndrew 09:51 15 Mar 2007

I have a spare drive space between them. Basically the case takes four drives, I have two, so I use the bottom and the next to top. I also have two 80mm fans blowing into the area, as well as the extractor at the rear of the case, to maximise circulation. Don`t think I can do a lot more.

  johndrew 17:09 15 Mar 2007


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