Have I broken my NIC?

  Crash 12:40 27 Aug 2004

I have tried to install a home network between two pc's and I keep getting network cable unplugged and the led's are not on, on the two NIC cards. Windows says the device is working properly and the cables (cat5) are firmly pushed in. Have I broken it or is there something I haven't done?


  ste_bla 15:09 27 Aug 2004

My lights only come on when both PC's are on and once they are set up for networking

  Crash 09:27 28 Aug 2004

The link light on the router also doesn't switch on but it does when I put the two ends of the cable into two of the ethernet ports so it's not the router or cable. I think i'll try a new Network card.

  SEASHANTY 12:36 28 Aug 2004

You haven't stated what router or system either cable or Adsl however the Linksys support website has a guide thru setup for a router using illustrations. Just click on the link BEFSR Tech Helper on this website
click here
and follow it through. I think it may have something to do with the ethernet cable connections.
You are using STRAIGHT THROUGH (Patch) RJ45 Cat5
cables to connect the PC's to the router and NOT Crossover ethernet cables.

  SEASHANTY 15:40 28 Aug 2004

Another website with networking advice
click here

  Crash 12:30 30 Aug 2004

Sorry its a AMX-64 from ADSL nation. I have now discounted the idea of faulty NIC or cable as I bought a spare one of each and it still does not work and I was beginning to think it was a faulty router?

  SEASHANTY 13:11 30 Aug 2004

Another link to networking click here
You still haven't confirmed that you are using straight through (patch) RJ45 cat5 cables to connect your LAN cards to the router. These cables
from the outside look exactly the same as CROSSOVER
RJ45 cat5 cables - the difference is in the wiring to the plugs and they will not work if connected to a router or hub. Crossover cables are used for DIRECT lan connection from PC to PC.
click here
The router seems fairly easy to setup
click here

  Crash 13:44 30 Aug 2004

It says cat5e patch on the cable itself. It seems to be a rare or unidentified problem as I can't find anyone else on the internet that has had the same problem.

  SEASHANTY 18:26 30 Aug 2004

It says cat5e on the cable. I wonder if this has been marked wrongly? The reason I suspected the cables is that you are getting the message cables disconnected or unplugged when they are in fact plugged in. See this thread which gives the same message.. In this case the user is connecting lan cards PC to PC (no router involved).
click here

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