Have i been sassered???

  peug417 22:38 20 May 2004

I am having a problem with my pc at present... when I push the start button it fires the fan up, all lights are on but nothing happens. Three attempts later pushing reset the pc boots up. Only to shut itself off after 20 mins or so, a reboot takes place and the cycle repeats three or four times before it shuts down.

I have win xp and Norton Antivirus 2003 with all the live updates installed. I thought it may be the power supply, but instaling a new one has made no difference. i am concerned i have been hit by the sasser worm but dont know how to check or how to recover from it if thats the case...

  stalion 22:41 20 May 2004

try here click here

  stalion 22:43 20 May 2004

or here click here

  skaria 22:43 20 May 2004

go to click here and click on do i check if i have sasser then follow the steps and it will tell you

  ahales42 23:25 20 May 2004

unlikely to be a virus. sounds more like a failing psu, or hd.

  ahales42 23:28 20 May 2004

can you enter the bios? open up your case and give it a good clean. and i mean a GOOD CLEAN.

  Dan the Confused 23:54 20 May 2004

I think ahales42 is on the right lines. If a good clean (esp the fans) don't solve it then it's probably the hard drive malfunctioning.

  Dan the Confused 23:56 20 May 2004

Make sure all the connections are secure also.

  end 00:01 21 May 2004

all this talk about cleaning things out....my computer has a what I presume is the hard driv thingi...size of a tower shape...7"wide,16"tall and 18"long; is one suggesting that THAT shoudl be "cleaned" INSIDE "occasionally?? u gotta be kiddin".....NEVER been insdie one EVER, even when I had a much smaller one......

  end 00:04 21 May 2004

mine is a very LARGE tower thing;; am I suppoesed to clean IT???? and HOW??

  end 00:05 21 May 2004

(sorry, this thread is "delaying" and psoting thigs way "behind" where I am "up to")

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