Have I been hijacked???

  [email protected] 20:30 10 Jun 2004

My PC is trying to access the net without my bidding! Over the last couple of days, strange things have started to happen: 1) Happily flying my simulator and suddenly it gets Paused/Minimised and up comes my Internet Connection window! 2) I leave the PC unattended for a bit of time and when I return there is a window active "The Web page you requested is not available offline. To view this page, click Connect" and 3) When I click "Disconnect" after being on the net, instead of just disconnecting like it used to, it opens the "Connect to Internet" window.
I have run VirusScan/Adaware and Spybot and found nothing. My FireWall usually informs me if an app is trying to access the net but not on this occasion. Is there some way (or a program) to find out what is trying to access the net???
Grateful for any advice, and thanks in advance.

  [email protected] 20:43 10 Jun 2004

Scrolling through the forum I realise I probably have a "Dialer" which I never heard of or knew about before, so I will follow the advice given on the other threads.

  Dan the Confused 20:43 10 Jun 2004

Press ctrl-alt-del and post the running processes it lists into this thread.

  Fruit Bat 21:04 10 Jun 2004

Adaware click here
Spybot S&D click here

These will find and remove most diallers

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