Have I backed up enough personal stuff?

  Diemmess 20:51 25 Aug 2007

As one who can be sure of being at home when the carrier calls I will be sending a granddaughter’s Sony Vaio laptop to them on Tuesday for a warranty repair.
It runs XP Home and the DVD burner has stopped working.

I have the added responsibility to collect all personal data first, because I am supposed to know about these things, and second because Sony may reset the whole thing to ex-factory state.

Reading other threads about transferring to new computers I have already copied to my external HD - My Documents which includes my music, my pictures and several other things.

I am fairly happy with that, but the ‘net’ is something else.
I know my way around with Aol, but this job has Wanadoo, Bluetooth, Orange and all sorts of unfamiliar things, and of course at my house cannot access the Internet.

Again, reading about copying to another HD and returning to a revised system, I searched found and copied all .wab files and all .dbx files. I have made written notes of the long paths of both.

The question is “Have I done enough?”
I shall probably receive a raspberry from my son if I have omitted something precious.

PS this is a development of a previous post click here

  recap 21:36 25 Aug 2007

It looks like you have covered all bases with email, Favourites, My Documents etc. I would also ask your son if there is anything that he cannot live without that you have over looked.

  paul€ 21:48 25 Aug 2007

Why do you not clone an image of the whole hard drive to the external hard drive, your external hard drive should have the software to do this.

Then if they do format the drive you just put it all back to where it was.

Might give you a few brownie points with the granddaughter.:)

  Diemmess 22:05 25 Aug 2007

Bit of a catch 22 situation...
At present there is no way to load Acronis since the only slot is the non functional DVD which began this quest.

My 40Gb ext HD has about 2Gb space left.
This machine runs Norton Goback, but will only let me go back 2 days.... not allota use!
(personally I will have a word with him about this when the dust has settled).
I could of course delete 30Gb odd of Norton data from my spare disk and run everything from the Ext HD but that is making life still more complicated.

Yes, but he is away on holiday and that brings me back to where we started!
I hope I am just fretting and your reply cheers me a lot

  paul€ 22:15 25 Aug 2007

It is.

Favorites, is the one I always forget about:( also think of searching for pictures in search - pictures and video's. there may be some pictures spread about that are not in the usual folders. Just dump them all into a new folder and copy over.

  Diemmess 10:03 26 Aug 2007

I think/hope I now have all that matters. Practically all data from sacred to profane is stored in My Documents which holds the various other items as sub-folders. Music, Pictures, college work are all copied safely

It dawned on me that all this trouble is down to an optical disk which no longer seems to read or write.

This can be a recognised problem solved by a fix in XP.
Instead, I tried with a bootable CD in the slot before Windows had a chance to load.
Result a fairly long pause punctuated by brief attempts to run up to speed before booting from HD as normal.

This to my mind proves that the DVD drive is extinct, passed over, expired, dead.

  recap 21:32 27 Aug 2007

One more thing to do with the backup Diemmess, and that is to check that all the data is there and can be read/used.

  Karakorum 23:16 27 Aug 2007

Anything on the Desktop to save?

Maybe save the Outlook.pst file if you use the calendar?

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