Have a got the colour scheme right???!

  RRH 17:10 10 Dec 2006

Hi there I recently launched a site called click here (Group dating)

I have had a mixed response about the colour scheme of the site and am considering changing it, please can you take a look and tell me if you think it is worth keeping....

Also If you have any interesting ways to market this site, or own a site that may fit in with mine for a banner exchange let me know.


  yattonharrytoo 17:50 10 Dec 2006

I think the pick background is too heavy personally. Try this website for colours.

click here

It is excellent.

  yattonharrytoo 17:50 10 Dec 2006

Sprry PINK background!!

  RRH 17:57 10 Dec 2006

you mean stick with the pink but a less 'offensive' shade?!

  PurplePenny 19:58 10 Dec 2006

Personally I don't like it: the pink background and pink on white text make it look a bit like a Barbie page!

On a more serious note pink on white may not have enough contrast for some people to read easily.

Some of the photos look squashed which doesn't give a very good impression of the site (and doesn't flatter the people).

  RRH 20:06 10 Dec 2006

yeah had a few issues with the pics and their loading times, thanks for all your advice!

  Kate B 23:57 10 Dec 2006

*dons sunglasses* My eyes! The pink fading to orange is awful, I'm afraid. I clicked the site shut as soon as possible - I'm sure you don't want your potential customers to do that.

  Gaz 25 18:00 30 Dec 2006


well the site for a start is very far from SEO optimised. PM me for more details on SEO optimisation.

However, colour looking good in my opinion.

There's a few other marketing ideas, but I'm wary of discussing my tactics as they have worked for years - and if competition knew about it - then the chances of it working would be low in the future.

I was able to get a website above dell and microsoft for vista ready computers (currently a top phrase)

I also beat Vadim computers on the phrase custom computers

However, I haven't re-optimised my website since and I'm currently dropping down - so looks like it's time to re-optimise.

  Gaz 25 18:01 30 Dec 2006

I agree about the orange, I would fade it into a light pink.

  Gaz 25 23:49 30 Dec 2006

mail sent. :-)

  Forum Editor 00:14 31 Dec 2006

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