Have a friend with old office pc and it has win 95

  pokemom 11:55 08 May 2006

and i reakised it only has 16m ram well i put a little more up to 24 for him (te he ) but is there some sort of unistaller for this OS as i feel its slogging and as he only uses it to keep him busy till the upgrade it would be nice to clean it up for him ,like i said uninstalling old programs seems to be a problem no log files and basically to clean it up ,and it wont play any media ,so i take it it would need a new media player? or shall i just kick it and tell him to wait ,but i know that he wont and want sumtin to play!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 11:59 08 May 2006

Do you have the win95 install CD / Disks? If so, do a clean install.

  pokemom 12:02 08 May 2006

no it has none of that ,and im not even sure how to get into the pc ,when i go for setup it says press space key ,so i do then it just boots up as normal ,,i think IBM ??

  pokemom 12:03 08 May 2006

would it cope with win ME?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:16 08 May 2006

Don't even think of ME. If you could get win 3.1 it would be a better option.

  pokemom 13:05 08 May 2006

ok ,right ive never heard of that one ,ive just had a belkin keyboard and mouse delivered that i bought on ebay for 3 quid and i cant find the blinkin driver anywahere ,bluetooth,model no.F8T040 ,FCC ID,K7SF8T040,,,anyone

  woodchip 13:14 08 May 2006

Have you removed Programs From Add Remove? in Control Panel. Some programs also have there own Uninstaller. Look in the Program on the desktop. also check Windows Explorer for a file Unwise.exe or uninst.exe

  pokemom 13:36 08 May 2006

i have but i will look furhther

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