have duel boot win 98/xp pro best way to format

  frankie 18:35 10 Jun 2003

have duel boot win 98/xp pro best way to format,as i want to go with just xp on ntfs,any likely problems i need to know about? i have all drivers etc and setup discs,

  Lú-tzé 18:45 10 Jun 2003

Put in your XP CD, reboot, partition the hdd as you want it and away you go. Just be sure to have everything backed up that you need.

  Quiller. 18:51 10 Jun 2003

If you have your X\P filing system as NTFS. Then X\P will see the 98 partition and files also. Your 98 partition will not be able to see the X\P files as 98 is the FAT 32 file system.

hope this helps.

  frankie 20:26 10 Jun 2003

if i do as you suggest will it delete all on hard drive as i want to do fresh install..

  Quiller. 20:40 10 Jun 2003

Sorry misunderstood your question. I now see that you just want X\P with NTFS and you want to get rid of the duel boot.

Do as Lú-tzé suggests.

  frankie 21:56 10 Jun 2003

seems easy will partition magic on it cause any probs re that.sorry to be cautious i,m a bit of a bodger,

  keith-236785 22:10 10 Jun 2003

do you want to keep both partitions or do you just want one big partition?

if you only want one partition then you will have to FDISK your drive and re-set the partitions (delete drive d) then make drive c: 100%

if you want two partitions then boot computer, open my computer, right click on drive d: choose Format, accept warning messages... when its done, reboot your computer with the XP cd in the drive (assuming your computer boots from cd, if not you will have to change the boot order in your bios to cd first.)choose install xp

when you get the choice on whether to format drive, make your choice Fat32, NTFS, leave as is

then reinstall windows, if you choose format then you will lose all info on your system.

good luck

  Quiller. 22:38 10 Jun 2003

Partition magic should have no effect on the process of a format.

i think for forum members to help you fully. You must let us know what you want to achieve. I know, from your post, that you want to get rid of the duel boot and only have X\P with NTFS. It would help if you let us know the size of your partitions now and the size you would like to have. That is if you want to change them.

As paperman27 excellent post shows, there are a lot of alternatives for you.

  frankie 22:48 10 Jun 2003

thanks for response i want to delete all on hard drive and do frsh install,i will use xp pro,on 100% of hard drive using ntfs as file system,currently on hard drive is duel boot 98/xp. with part magic, in a ideal world can i go format c: and clear the lot without xp saying cant format as ????????or patr magic cutting in and stopping me formatting to clean drive.

  keith-236785 23:00 10 Jun 2003

if you have a windows98 start-up disk you can boot with that in & choose start without cdrom support, when it has finished loading type D:

type format c:

accept warnings about losing all data (if you are sure)


follow on-screen instructions

then remove floppy disk & boot with XP cd as i said b4

  Quiller. 23:21 10 Jun 2003

paperman27 suggestion is the easiest, but this will still leave you with the partition. I am unsure if the X\P set up will resize the drive?

Unless some one can say for definite that you can resize in setup.

The other two options are;

If you have partition magic on windows 98. Then boot to 98, select the X\P drive in control panel, right click and pick format. As paperman27 has already suggested. This will get rid of the bulk of X\P. Now open partition magic and resize the c drive to take in all of disk. ie 100%.

restart computer in msdos mode and c:\ format c:

this should format the whole disk. You should now be ready to install X\P as per paperman27 instructions.

The other option is to either restart in msdos mode, from 98 or bootup with a 98 floppy. get to the a:\ and type fdisk so you have a:\ fdisk and enter. Pick enable large disk support with a y. Yes you have guessed it as
paperman27 suggested.lol

You now have to delete the partitions. The section you want will be section 3.

When all have been deleted you can create a logical dos drive of 100% through option1.

When you have got that far keep pressing the esc key for the machine to reboot.

Now you have the option to format c either from the 98 boot disk or through the X\P installation disk.

I hope this is a bit clearer for you.

Good luck

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